Saturday, September 26, 2009

No more Beautiful.... :(

It comes to an end....not because September is over but i missed pretty much a week in writing. :P
Oh...this week was hectic- homework, sleep, dentist appointment, and whatever else. :) It is truly HARD to write EVERY DAY! I don't know how everybody in NaBloPoMo does it!
I could go back and schedule posts for the missed days- but that would be like cheating.
Hmm.....I don't know what to talk about. Dora is in a cocoon and she will be out soon... i was gonna bring her home over the weekend, but I forgot! :( You can see her butterfly wings through the cocoon- it's really cool!!!!
Anything else? Not really. Well there could be and I could also talk about how much I'm STILL not happy with this school year but there is no point...I can't wait 'till High School w/ my friendos. 
That is all then. Bye bye!  


  1. OH Dora is in a cocoon! :-) She looked pretty as a caterpillar! I wonder how she will be as a butterfly!

  2. actually- monday she came out of the cocoon! she was such a pretty butterfly! i couldn't take pics cause my bio teacher told me to let her out right then!!!! I felt so bad cause my mom wanted to c her as a butterfly too! (btw- she WAS a girl! that's good or i'd have to call her diego!) but i held her b4 i let her go- she had VERY stick legs and she was VERY adorable. i tagged her and i hope the people in mexico find that she safely traveled south!