Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Beautiful (2)

Second day....hmm....I'm not up on the NaBloPoMo website blogroll yet...i'll wait until tomorrow and then try to contact them to see why. 

Today we learned about a magazine fundraiser we have to do for school. Normally school fundraisers are horrible door-to-door things. But this one, you only gotta have 1 (yes, ONE order!!!) to get a prize and just a teeny bit more to get some more. And it invovles BIG prizes. Anyhow, everyone got pulled into the whole thing and was like "omg! I'm so doing this so i can get $100!" etc. I wasn't getting too hyper about it...cause i figured there just had to be a catch with all the big prizes. I mean, what was the school gonna earn on profit if they gave so much money away in prizes? I was looking at the catalogue for magazines (it has like EVERY american magazine) and saw some woodworking ones. So I asked my Industrial Tech. teacher if he wanted to buy one. He was really interested and actually did! Then so did my soon-t0-be computers teacher! Now, the way it works, it's a bill-me-later thing. These teachers can reject the bill later and unsubscribe. But, whether or not they pay, i still got TWO orders! Now i get this random light up ring- (pic above) and maybe some big prize. But as i said b4, there's probably a catch and if not there is still 1/1000 chance. Like i'll get it. :P but the light up ring is good enough for me!!!! :P

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