Saturday, January 16, 2010

Loving Paki Dramas...

I don't know how many people watch dramas- but i think a lot of Pakistani's do. And these days I'm watching a lot of them.
A little history before i began: my family has three Pakistan channels. Geo Entertainment, Ptv Global, and Qtv. Qtv is islamic so no dramas there. But Geo and Ptv get good dramas quite often.

So the two dramas that are VERY good are
Geo: Meri Zaat Zara Be Nishaan (no idea what it means- something like My Personality...)

Ptv: Khuda Zameen Se Gaya Nahee (God has not left us)

MZZBN is about something or another but it's good.
KZSGN is about the war "on terror" (as American calls it) and about the terroists attacking Pakistani people, promoting a WRONG Islam, etc. Very dramatic and the episodes always end on a CLIFFHANGER!  So annoying!

So that is all- i mean i would write more but i'm gonna go pray Asr and then go to Ulta with my sis. Just for fun. :D that's what we do on weekends. :D

Have a lovely day!

well i ended up not going to Ulta- but I did watch the next episode of KZSGN [online- it runs a couple episodes ahead in Pakistan, and people upload it] and it was soooooooooooooooooo sad. The cliffhanger from the last epsiode turned out to be horrid! The widow girl was killed by the terroists and she had two kids and u r not supposed to kill the girl!!! :( now i'm all sad...