Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Beautiful (8)

haha...the last post was horrid. Nablopomo-ing is very fun, but i really can't think of things to say EVERYDAY. The funny part is, i'm so used to blogging everyday i've been writing in my diary daily too (for a couple days) and believe me, that's AMAZING, because i go months without writing in my diary!
soo... i'm sure most bloggers don't have diary's too. Or do they? I keep one because diary's are private thoughts-things that u feel but aren't ready to tell the world. Sometimes it's just an event recorder for me. It's interesting to read back on past events and laugh at myself for being so horribly immature :P

oh! I do have something to tell. Today President Obama did a speech for K-12 kids. This speech was SO conterversial even BEFORE he did it. I did watch part of it and got the rest from other people, but seriously, y can't people just sit still and get over the fact that their wanted president didn't get elected? And y was everyone so worried that's he'll say something 'bad'? I mean, what, is he gonna brainwash us into siding with him in everything he does? Obviously NOT! He just wanted to tell all the kids (esp. students thinking of dropping out) how important education is. Idk...i don't really support the President too much...but people need to stop being so picky! seriously!
(below) the whole speech deal. :P u might wanna forward it until obama comes on...

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