Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Beautiful (16)

LC is proud of herself. :P 
If you were following my blog on Pinksea, you would know that during last year, i was very worried and annoyed with the Standardized Testing we had to take. The one we took in the second semester was SO hard!! We ALL thought we would fail it.
Well, the results came in and Yay! I did pass! :P I'm sure most all of my friends did too...passing isn't really hard. (cause it's like 60% and above) However, i was looking over my answers for the thing. (they scan your test booklet and u can see it online- most of it at least) And I was looking at the Math's section. The problems seemed SO HARD when i took it- but my answers were actually really good, & probably right! I was so surprised!!! And while I was looking at them i couldn't figure out NOW how to do the problem. Haha...i think as time goes by i'm just getting unsmarter then. ;)
Just had to express my opinions on that. :) But now I think i'm gonna totally fail this year's Standardized Testing. :( 

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