Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ramadan Mubarak! :)

Assalam walaikum!
Ramadan Mubarak to all of you! I hope your first fast(s) are going amazingly.

I'm actually blogging right now bcuz I love typing with somewhat long nails and pretty nailpolish on :p so i'm like enjoying the fun of it while i can. Heehee. If my idevice had a camera i would take a pic of my sparkly red nailpolish but sadly it doesn't :( hehe. freshman orientation is FRIDAY! Wohoo! It's from 8-1...and sehri is @ I shall get some 1.5 hours of sleep in between...maybe? :) hehe. When school comes ill get like 1/2 hr of sleep. :)) isn't that lovely?

What else is up? Well the new Ramadan drama on hum (Chand pe dastak I think it's called) is nice...and I wish Geo shows "Doli ki Ayegee Baraat" soon! (did you guys watch Azhir Ki ayegee Baraat last year? It was an hilarious drama!) apparently it's already started in Pakistan...I await it coming here. (eid would be good...not much tv watching in Ramadan)

So roza here in my town are from 5:30 to 8:45 *ish* the first couple days. So a 15 hour fast? It's not too bad if you're inside in the air conditioning. Today me n my parents went iftaari shopping and it was SO HOT OUTSIDE!!! hehe I'm kindda a bad girl. See, I don't drink a lot of water normally which is REALLY BAD! But...when I think about improving my water drinking habits I think...well if i get used to drinking so much water I'll have trouble during Ramadan. :( bad bad girl 2011 resolution is to drink more than 0-half a glass of water a day. :-O :)

In our family, we don't eat FOOD in ramadan. Hehe. Well what i consider "food" or "real food" is roti, salan, chawwal, etc (tortilla, gravy, rice, etc.- traditional Pakistan foods). In Ramadan we do eat proper breakfasts, but iftaari is stuff like Fruit chaat (salad), somoseh, pokorey, choley (spicy chick peas), dhai baray (yogurt+pokorey sorta) and sherbet (jam-e-sherin!!!) fun very filling foods! :) it's kindda part of the "fun" of Ramadan :p we don't really eat these foods anytime else in the whole yr (even though somoseh rock!) yah....

So, how do you guys celebrate Ramadan? I know some families do actually eat "real" foods after fast! :)

Ooh...and we always go to tarawi at our mosque! I love going to's a nice tradition. And on the 27th a bunch of p come and bring sweets and after tarawi is finished we eat sweets! Yay! Hehe.

Okay enough for now!
Have a fantastic day,

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pakistan Flood

If you live in USA, please text SWAT to 50555 to donate $10 to the UN...this was declared by Hillary Clinton. If you don't trust the UN please make efforts to donate any other way...

The UN also has a website donation set up for people w/o cellphones or not living in USA.

Your assistance is greatly needed, because if we don't help, the "terrorists" will greatly help and recruit while their at it. And for all the stereotypical non-muslims: Pakistan also has many Christian, Buddhists, Hindus, and many other religions. Pakistan is just as much in need of help as Haiti or Katrina were.

Thank you

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


:) how are you today? I am fine and dandy :) heehee. was such a RELIEVER day. I had the two finals for my online classes (ironically, I got the same exact grades in both classes!) which my lovely sister dropped me off @ in between college. :) they weren't really hard...especially since we got to use our online resources. :p yay. Then...I just hung out. :) I read from the book for my language assigment. There were four books to choose from, and I chose The Glass Castle . I bought it on my iPod (IBooks) and that kinda motivates me to read it. :D at least it's an interesting story. When school starts we'll be given project over the book (report or easy probably). :) I much prefer that over answering "How villainy the villain was" as my friend did. :p Can you believe it? She actually showed me proof that her assigment page said "villainy"! Hehe...and talking about my friend, she also has to do an essay on how Thomas Jefferson and some other founding father dude (I forget his name :p) were hypocrites and how it ruined their accomplishments. Hehe. Wouldn't it be fun if Pakistani kids were given essays like that to write about their present government? :p heehee
Did you know that my iPod recognizes heehee and heeheehee as a word? At least it doesn't autocorrect it anymore. One time I was telling my friend that I liked this Rahat Fateh Ali Khan song and my iPod insisted on changing it to Rabat Faith!!! :D
Hmm...what else? My furry pillows are so furry. Isn't that surpassing? (that wasn't completely random since I'm sitting on my bed)
My sis the lovely has also started a blog. It's called Qeemay Kay Somosay but I won't tell you the blog URL until she gets a couple more posts written. :) she plans on writing a "Chronicles of My Sister" because she thinks that I have no common sense and she finds it soo funny. :/ hmph. Heehee

Okey dokey الله hafiz! :)