Thursday, June 9, 2011

Card Making!!!


The school year ended this past Monday! That means the last week has included well...finals (aka exams) (-_-) and studying (or revising as said in the East) ...but also CARD MAKING!!! Yipee!!!
Making flowers :)

This actually isn't as "fun" of a task as I'm acting like :P Here's the short/sweet deal: After spending 180 days with teachers, cards are a good way to reflect on the school year, what I liked about the teacher, and what I'll miss.
Card #1! :)
And since I've been making handmade cards since as long as I can remember (Before it was marker drawings on computer paper for my parents and siblings :P) I just make them all to make it more special. But it takes FOREVER!!! I made 8 cards this year, and it took me a good part of a Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Saturday, Sunday.... :) And then writing in them...another story :P
the right card was a 2nd version of the left card I made a couple years ago
My rule of writing is complete honesty, so I write in pen so I can't go back and change stuff (not always the best thing to do! :P). This year they were super colorful because I used my felt tip pens which are a bunch of different colors.
card #2- this card involved A TON of measurements-- which me no like :(

based exactly off a book's instructions :)

surprise!! :D hehe

Mostly, I take a design from a book and change it up a bit to suit my supplies and card-making-personality.
Card #3- the pink ribbon was supposed to go all the way around to make a flower, but I ran out :P hehe... so i messed around with the other ribbon I used for the +. I was so surprised the Elmer's glue stuck the ribbon though!!

If any glitter is added- that's surely by me! hehe....most of these designs are from a professional adult-ish book, and they wouldn't be using glitter! :P I actually bought a pack of glitter for this year... I love glitter :P hehehe
card #4- glitterr!! it took forever to find something (a big needle :P) to puncture the star (cardboard colored black with marker)
the glitter wasn't dry, that's why it has so much 'height'
  I'm actually posting these up for any other card-makers. It's always fun to get ideas on what to do... I use books. It's hard to find easy-to-make ideas online :/

Card #4! Loved how much this one POPPED OUT! :D

surprisingly, even with all the weight, it stood upright!

Card #6!!

this was 4 my geometry teacher, so on one of the circles i put "r=1 inch" :D
card #7!
and...card #8. my least favorite :( but my sis likes it

all of them together! :)

the main book I used-- see the flowery one in the 3rd box? 

this was used for card #2 :)

and that's it! hope you guys liked it! :)