Thursday, September 3, 2009

Beautiful (3)

So I don't really have lots of time- actually am on my sister's computer. I have to study for a Biology quiz- and being the 1st this year, I have to study harder than normal because i have no idea if this biology teacher will have HARD tests or OKAY tests. Then i have some Spanish Homework, and I have to fill out a Student Council form. (and that thing is lengthy!!!)
Yeah...pretty busy. The fundraiser WAS catchy- since all the prices were either the same or MORE than the actual prices (not 80% off like they said it was-i checked online) and I didn't get a cool ring YET. I will tom. Everyone had them during school today so I know i want either the purple one or the lime green one. The guy that went to get our class some was like the 1st person so the teacher there was confused and didn't know she had to give us rings with the airheads. :P

 Okay, well i gotta go! :)
Airheads aren't really BEAUTIFUL but oh well...have a nice day! :)

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