Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Top Ten Places to Visit

Three Reasons for this post:
1) I’m going to Pakistan for ALL of summer vacation!
2) wrote an article somewhat like this…with her like… top 20 favs! :)
3)I’ve always had a top five list of places to go (in my head)…just adding some more and posting it on my blog!

***I am very bad with prioritizing my top ten lists. Especially on places to go, i want to go to a lot of places equally. But i will try to arrange them in some accurate order!***

10.) Alaska- I have a friend that lived i Alaska fora couple years and she loved it! Then recently i realized that Alaksa is almost equivalent to the size of west America! (Texas to California = West America) It’s really cold and far away…but it seems to be an INTERESTING place to visit. i think. :P oh…also so i can add to my small list of “states i’ve been to” (u’ll see this reason often)

9.) Egypt- I’ve seen so many pics of the Great Pyramids, etc. Seems like a very good place to be, and most people want to go here. But as you can see on number nine it is not very high on my list of places to go. :) But it would be quite interesting to go here, and it does belong on the list. :)

8.) Washington, D.C. or Virgina- it’s on the list because my lovely, influential sister. She went there once for work reasons, and she came back commenting on how nice the people were there. + it’s the nation’s capital and it’d be nice to add to my small list of “states i’ve been to” (again :) )

7.) Madagascar- Have you guys seen the movie Madagascar ? The second one came out recently…it was an innocent movie about some animals that were in a zoo for a long time and then they got shipped to Madagascar, a totally non-populated country (false in real life). (did i just mess up the whole movie’s plot? Sorry i saw this movie a long time ago and i haven’t seen the second one yet!) Anyhow, the movie was very cute and funny and lots of people actually realized there was an island off the coast of Africa. (or was it  just me that realized this?) Then, just recently we finished covering Africa in social studies and that’s when i learned that Madagascar IS populated and most of the people are long-time-ago migrated from India/Pakistan. i was like…whooo…that’s where i’m from! So i want to go here to the the beautiful place and just be there! Sounds like fun to me!

I am having a very hard time prioritizing these two (above and below)…NY and Madagascar can be flipped flopped! I can’t decide myself!

6.) Brooklyn/N.Y.C., New York-  I lived here for a few months. That time was not too good and i decided i am not much of a “city” person. However, i want to go back here as a tourist. Go on a small cruise to the Statue of Liberty, spend an afternoon in Central Park, see all the Pakistani/Desi stores, …be in the city for a bit. I just want to have fun! But not live there! :) 

5.) Australia- okay, this is totally random. I know nothing about this place (this is the last place we learn about in school this year. So probably in May i will learn a little bit more about this far away island country/continent) Anyhow, two reasons for me wanting to go here: 1. When it’s winter here it’s summer there. When it’s summer here it’s winter there. Opposite! i just find this very interesting. :P …2. I know nothing about this place. btw, when we Do cover it in May, it’ll be very little. Not like the two months we spent on Africa. So yeah. really weird reasons…i just wanna go here!!!  :P 

4.) Mecca, Saudi Arabia- I want to go here to Umrah sometime soon, and i want to go here for Hajj sometime waaaay in the future. I just personally don’t think that i can get as much out if it (Hajj) as i might when i’m 20 or older. I don’t know if this is bad, not wanting to go to Hajj right now, but that’s what i think. Umrah right now because it’s very small but you still get to see the magnificent place and it should give me some small bit of personal/spiritual enlightenment and i would like that.  :D   (there was a point where we thought we might get to do Umrah as a family this summer. It ended up being too expensive to go to Pakistani and Umrah so we didn’t…i was really excited about going but when the possibility faded away so did my excitement. But in memory of the excitement and because i respect this place i put it in #4)

3.) London, England-Monarachy country…as busy (or busier?) than NY. My cousins grew up here, and still live here. I want to go to London and just enjoy the rainy days. This is just another one of those “Random” places i want to go, where i can’t really find a reason. (i know what ur thinking “thanks goodness this reason won’t be so looong!”) which i won’t. i just wanna go here. really no reason involved. :D

2.) Dublin, Ireland- Since i like taking random quizzes, i once took a random quiz “where do you belong” or something like that. it asked u a series of totally off topic questions and then gave u a city where u “belonged”. My result was Dublin, Ireland. Now, i don’t really believe too much on these quizzes, so there are other reasons to. First off, my absolute favorite bestest most wonderful awesomest friend is from Ireland. Pure Irish. And she and her family are so sweet and nice, and it kindda makes me like Irish people. :P Secondly, most Irish People are Catholic. I think that Catholicism is very close to (in beliefs) of Islam…not exactly the same but close. And plus, most catholics are quite religious and most religious people (doesn’t matter what religion) are very nice and faithful. Like, there is something about religious people, they are just so sweet. Long reason but i like being in places where i’m treated with respect. Thirdly, (is that a word?) i’ve seen pics of Dublin/Ireland in general and the land is soooo beautiful! I’d love to come here and take pics and enjoy the weather and just have an awesome time! This could even on #1 on the list!!! :) gosh i wanna go here now!

1.) ooh..the number one thing in my list! Where is it? Take some clues…

* Nadia Khan (Pakistani Channel Morning Show Host) is from here

*Apparantly has very nice shopping…but i don’t really care

*Has the world’s only 7 star hotel…which is on a man-made island (oooh…interesting) and it looks like a boat on its site (wow!)

*umm…it’s by Saudi Arabia???

Yes, i’m talking about Dubai! I love this place! I know it’s quite a rich type place but hey, i wanna go visit! Nadia Khan kindda made me like it, then last year i did this whole big project on UAE and then some classmate of mine (this year) did a project on Burj al-Arab Hotel (the seven star hotel i was talking about above) and the whole man-made island stuff made me very interested. :) and the boat on it’s side…! okay. i don’t really care about shopping but i just wanna go here! I know it’s very warm but i wanna go maybe in the colder months! Have fun…take pics…etc. maybe even do some shopping. :) buy some bracelets. oooh i love this place and i think i’m going a bit crazy now. :)

okay…so there was my top ten list of place i’d like to go. Very very long as you can see! :) 

Extra note**** Around the time i learned about the man-made island in Dubai, me and my irish friend were talking at lunch. We are very random and crazy people and were started talking about places we wanna go. (yes, big coincidence right?) So then i said how i really want to go to the place where the Prime Meridian and Equator cross. And my Irish friend’s automatic response was, “isn’t that in the middle of the ocean?” And i’m like…”no how could it be! that’s like on my top ten!” So then my friend asked my other friend, “Hey, isn’t where the Prime Meridian and Equator cross in the middle of the ocean” and she goes “yeah…why?” and i’m like…”hey guess what? U know there is a building in Dubai that is made on a MAN-MADE island. Lets go and make a man-made island where the Prime Meridian and Equator crosses!” And my crazy friend agreed. :) so when i’m like 70 years old i’ll call up my faithful friend and ask her if she still wants to build the man-made island. :P