Saturday, August 29, 2009

7 hours.....

I am soooooooooo hungry! I had gotten used to it in one week...sehri, sleep, school, sleep, iftari, tarawi, sleep (sounds like a lot of sleep-but it's only 30 min-4 hours each) but now with the whole day in front of me...i am so bored and hungry!!!!! ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Well, let me try to keep myself entertained for another 7 hours...:P

Friday, August 28, 2009

Resuming from PinkSea

 I want to resume right from where i was in PinkSea. Here is the last post i did there...
So, since it's ramadan i thought it would be good to do a ramadan tag that i found.
Here it is:
Show five places that you want to pray in (and it cannot be Mecca or Medina) BE CREATIVE!

wouldn’t it be lovely to pray on a soft place…with air going by? (forget the fact that up, up there it’s really cold!) yes i’m being creative and searching images from google. :P but seriously-i love thinking about being able to be on a cloud…
Fluffy Carpet!
that is one FLUFFY carpet. if it was brand new (and clean!) i’d love to pray on it!
Cute Janamaz!
omg that’s a cute janamaz/praying mat!!! take out the fish and i would LOVE to pray on it. :P so cute

this is a real pretty pic! imagine praying somewhere where the ocean air is going bye, and u can hear water sloshing near. :) i love the ocean. :D (and the sunset is putting such pretty light on your janamaz, which is laying on the dock....awww)
okay all those places are pretty cool but praying in my own bedroom is awesome…(and this bedroom from google looks quite nice too…but i’ve seen better ones :P )
i tag anyone reading this…esp. someone from my “favorite blogs” page. :D

Changing Blog Domains!!!

Hey! You may already know me from i formally wrote my blog. But i saw that blogspots blogging options are so awesome! So i switched. Hope you keep following me! :)