Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Vacation Ramblings

I haven't posted in a while. About that.... :)

My sister's wedding is in... *checks iPod countdown app*  25 days. She's already gone to Pakistan though-- prewedding prep. Everyone asks me how my "getting ready for the wedding" is going. Well, here's the deal. It's kindda sorta very hard to prepare for a wedding when you're 7,000 miles away from the where the wedding is being held. I might buy shoes though, because Pakistan isn't good with comfortable, wide-foot heels. As I've been told, my shaadi dress is hot pink, and walimaa dress teal/pink/something pretty (quote my sister :D).

I miss her.

In other news, I hope the mehendi dress is bright yellow. Because I love bright yellow. I told my dad today that I'd love a bright yellow car. Something like this?

That's a mini cooper by the way, one of my favorite cars. I highly highly highly doubt I'm getting that any time soon.  Dream big, right? haha... 

While I dream about bright yellow cars, I'm looking for a bright yellow crossbody purse. I have an old one that is really scratched up (I had it before the crossbody fashion craze and used it for a long time) but crossbody's are much easier for travel, especially if youre like me and carry everything you can possibly need while on the go. (My friend calls me "Maria Poppins" ...i've never seen Mary Poppins but apparently she carries everything?) 

Me gusta :) It's not sold anywhere near me though...
To add to this yellow-full blogpost, I cooked aloo ki tarkari (potato vegetable mix) yesterday. With mom/sis gone, I'm experimenting with cooking these days. And my dad is so awesome he'll eat anything I cook. Not that the aloo ki tarkari was bad or anything. (Lets ignore how easy it is to make. only my mom said the potatoes would be cooked in 10 minutes and it took like 35 before they tasted cooked. I obviously don't have the "see if it LOOKS done" ability yet) 

Summer vacation is boring without my sister. I'll probably be posting more. Though I have plenty of summer homework, cleaning, and packing to do. *sigh* 

Enough ramblings. Good night :)

more summer boredom activities. the color started fading the next day! :(