Sunday, September 20, 2009

Beautiful (20)

Eid Mubarak! :)
(and early Eaid Mubarak 4 those of u in Pakistan and nearby :P)

Fun, fun, fun....<3 my clothes and can't wait to start attending parties (even though there's only two) :P

Here's what I've done so far...

I got up at 5:45 and heard my ANNOYING alarm across the room and thought it was something of my sisters. Then after coming to senses i realized it's my own alarm and for some reason it's ringing like every other minute. UGH! First i tried to go back to sleep by closing my ears, but didn't work. Then i got up and closed it. And then i went back to sleep.

Then i woke up at 6: ?? something. Got ready. Went to the mosque- all my friends were like, "Oh my gosh, ur wearing half-sleeves?" (i brought a sweater for namaz) idk y they were so surprised- I DO wear half-sleeves every now and then. Ate donuts, and then just walked around. It got kindda boring cause my friends were too busy eating MORE donuts ( i ate one and was FULL - i can't eat many donuts at once) and it was WAAY too crowded. They were having some big "Eid Mela" thing in some field for the 1st time- but everyone is so used to coming to our big community center/mosque and plus it was raining, i don't think many people attended the field eid namaz.

Now i'm at home- my Eid-ee got raised!!! so i earned A LOT of money today. Like A LOT. So much that i'm just like WOW. :P I don't feel like giving details on just HOW MUCH it is. :) heehee.

later we will go to parties. Last Eid was Bakra-Eid (pakistani nickname) (next Eid) and somebody had died recently that like EVERYONE nobody had parties- it was a sad eid. Now people r ready to do some parties! :) yay!

Love Mehendi too! :)

Happy Eid! :)



  1. Hope you had a wonderful Eid!! :-)

  2. thank you! yes i did- i can't wait till next eid now!

  3. it actually on thanksgiving weekend for us- that will be so nice!!!!