Friday, September 11, 2009

Beautiful (11)

Just squeezing in a post!!! :) 

Let me quickly go over the highlights of today!!! :)

*tarawi was looong! They did 1 1/2 sipara instead of one! Do all mosques do that so they can finish on the 27th?

*9/11/09....eight years later, there is a slight change. This morning on Channel 1 News (teenage news that we watch in school) they said there is a person who was a firefighter during the 9/11 attack (in New York). Now, he does motivational speeches around the GLOBE, telling people that 9/11 is not a time to be mad. It should be positive motivation to do good. He actually influenced a ton of people...just after hearing it people in my school were like, "I wanna plant a tree- cause u know the guy said we should do good things on 9/11" and "I wanna do this- etc. etc." . Cool, hunh?

*Dora's back home!!!! ...and she HUMONGOUS! :) I saw how she eats today- her mouth opens up quite like ours!!! I think she'll be a cocoon soon! I'll try to post up recent pics of her soon!

Okay that's it...i suppose. :P Have a great weekend!


  1. I can't wait to see as Dora as a butterfly! Looking forward to seeing pics of beautiful Dora.

  2. :) It's gonna be a loong wait though! My classmate- her caterpillar was a lot bigger than mine when we found it- her's has been a cocoon for what seems like FOREVER! It takes 10-14 days ...but i will be sure to post photos of her as a butterfly!