Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Beautiful (9)

Happy 09-09-09!!! I couldn't manage a blog post at 9:09, like Super Humaira, but the date is still cool!
I can't wait for 10-10-10, 10:10 p.m.!!! I like the number 10 :P heehee.
So...this is pretty late- just squeezing in for NaBloPoMo! :) 
Today i'm gonna give you a poem I wrote. One of my former teacher's husband got brain cancer last year (and for some reason I didn't know this when i WAS in her class last year) and i was so saddened by it ALL WEEKEND! :( She has a freshman and 7 year old...without a would be horrible! Anyhow, i wrote her a poem. I really don't care if people go copying this- so I'm posting it here to see if you guys like it.
                    The pain from a sickened soul,
                                       is unbearable...
                    The fear of the worst,
                             makes every moment terrible...
                    Communication with others,
                          seems to be blue...
                    But remember to be strong,
                      or else life's fears my become true

I'm not sure if i should give it to her or not. I would give it anonymously if i did...what do you guys think? Suggestions would be wonderful. :P


  1. Its a beautiful poem! DO give it to her... its nice to know someone cares when there's a tragedy in your life

  2. :) oh, thank you! :) The person who told me that her husband has cancer is a Muslim. I told her when i see her tom. in tarawi i will give her something to give to the teacher. :) Thanks for commenting...i really needed to know. :)