Saturday, January 22, 2011

“Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.”

Hello! :)

I've been busy with school, finals, etc. :)

Today I took the SAT! (Scholastic Aptitude Test). It wasn't that hard...but I wasn't really taking it for accuracy. Just for practice...but the vocab was kindda hard. :) Maybe I should take etymology before my next SAT?

I will write a couple review of some things I've been using...maybe :P Slippers, eyeliner (which I've used twice), and...something else.... which i can't remember. hehe. I might do some drama reviews as well, like Mein Abdul Qadir Houn and Qaid-e-Tanhai. We'll see if nothing comes up that's what i'll do. :D

 My new classes this semester include 3D-art and careers. 3D-art is boring! :( I thought it would be a glimpse of the 3D-art classes, like jewelry, ceramics, and photography. But instead, it's like carving, some ugly mobiles :P, and a mask. Me no like. But i want to fit ceramics into my schedule in the next 3 years :P

So my Career Planning & Success (graduation requirement) teacher is well known throughout the school for being racist and picks on people. I wouldn't call him racist at all (2 classes with him so far :D) but he certainly did PICK on everyone. And me. 5 minutes into class. See, my name (Maria) is pronounced Mer-ia in English. (Spanish it's María). So in the beginning of every class I correct the teacher once, and if they feel like pronouncing it right they do, or else I let them call me Mariah, Meria, or a weird pronunciation. :P (My classmates are always like, Maria why don't you correct them again! lol) Anyhoo, so i corrected the Careers teacher once. He goes, "Well, being a 50-year old white American, I'm probably gonna read that as 'Meria'"...but I might think otherwise by your clothing, because you are the only one wearing that. What is it called?" And I replied, "Hijab". Well after that we got into a whole discussion about Islam, compared to other religion, random info about Muslims (Would you marry a person not Muslim? Reply: I wouldn't...because if i believe something I would want to adhere to it. Wouldn't a Christian marry a Christian?(<- that was a little stereotyping. But i think he was expecting me to say my parents won't let me, which they wouldn't, but I wouldn't personally. When I was discussing Christianity and how WE BELIVE that the Bible was lost throughout time which is why we don't believe in it, he was like, "So you believe in whatever you want?-- that was kindda insulting. But i was like, "well...we have our own book". What else? Hm...he asked me why i wore hijab...he wanted to know more than i said for modesty. It's like wearing clothes. He repeated it. :P He's like, so you wear jeans? And I'm like, " long as it covers. (There's more, but I wasn't in the mood of being detailed).He also said (response to Hijab goes along with me not dating), "So is your marriage already arranged?" I'm like..."nooo....." "are your parents just gonna choose for you?" "no...I'll have a lot of choice." "How will you find someone?" "You'll know people, (dont remember what i said but it was brief :P)
So basically, it was pretty weird. The next class I came in and he had a powerpoint that defined hijab (in a very nice way) and had a picture of a hijbai. He's like, "is that right?" and i'm like, "Yep, that's an arabic style." And i briefly explained to him that there are different styles all over the world like there are in clothes. And that I can get my scarfves from Walmart and Kohls. :D I hope I made a good impression, because a pretty large class was listening to me. :)

After me, this teacher told a girl that she probably couldn't become an Anesthesiologist. (Half of my year wants to be one...seriously? There's like 1 per hospital!) If she wasn't in the top 10 of her class, didn't have all A's, good volunteering/clubs/etc, and was readying to spend 15 years in college (which she replied to: but it gives a lot of money-- :S) So when I did my formal introduction the next class, I had this whole backup plan to tell him. (Major in BioChemistry so that if it doesn't work out i can go into Chemistry, Pharmacy, etc) Which he's like, "why do you think you won't get into Med School?" Well thank you for being complete opposite for me. :P hehe. But he was super nice the 2nd day. He kept referencing to me about doctors, telling me about the Army Medical program and what not. (Me no want to be in Army. But he told me the 4 years you must 'serve' in the army, I would be in Med School. So i would never have to 'serve'! That's cool) See, I'm  REALLY starting to feel that teachers check our grades/comments before we go to there class. He must know my grades to not oppose my doctor dreams :P hehe.

Ps. I have a more direct specialization in mind now- ObGyn :)

Okey dokey, that's enough for 2 weeks. :)

Allahhafiz, Assalam-o-Alaikum, Bye, Adios, Have a lovely day! :)