Sunday, September 13, 2009

Beautiful (13)

Today LC has a tag!

 (by Liya!)

I'm just going to add some rules just so it's easier to pass on.
 Write AT LEAST 10 things you are thankful for. :) Then pass it on to at least 2 people!

 1. I am probably most thankful to be raised a Muslim. The people who convert are very brave to oppose their families & society and I don't think I would be THAT brave. I'm happy that I didn't have to make such a big decision to get into the right world. 

2. Allhamdulillah I have such a supportive family, and such great friends that do so much just for me.

 3. Thankfully, i have such easy access to necessities. I've never had to crave for shelter, water, food, etc. 

4. I am not forced to do anything. I have the choice of what I want to be (later in life and now). 

5. Besides necessities, i have so much more that I could probably live without, but I have such an abundance of it. Education, extra-curricula activities, transportation, computers, tv's, and new stuff when anything stop slightly working.( so spoiled, right?)

6. And all that is awesome but I'm even happier to not have been born in a family that had just so much money that I started abusing it. I was taught to cherish what I have and not to be greedy- THAT  is v. important.

7. Oh, after all those philosophical things, i just have to add this. I'm so very thankful to have Dora. :P

8. And while I'm on the lighter note, I'm glad to have an older sister. :) It's like having another mother, and she's shaped my life up a lot!

9. Oh, and i'm so thankful to not be a SHY person. I love being happy and outgoing and ...special. :) I love my extra toe.

10. No health problems whatsoever. No allergies even. Such a perfect life... 

11. Just another thing b4 this post is way to long...i love to be multicultural. Pakistani, American. My city is awesome- I love where i live- not too much crime so i'm scared to go out at night. 

Once I get to the teeny stuff ...there are just SO many things. But i will stop now, cause I think you get the idea. :)

 I tag...Alisha's Thoughts and Miss Specs. Those two just because i think they do follow my blog. :) 



  1. First, thank you for tagging me. :-) I just love LOVE your list, it rings true in every sense. I hope you dont mind if I borrow some of it. :-D

  2. oh...thanks! :) it's so nice to be able to create such a list...
    Oh, no, not at all. go ahead and use as much of it as u want. :) i think most of us are very thankful along the same lines: i felt like i borrowed lots from Liya too!