Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blog Wordle

Have you ever used
It's the website that produces all the cool little text things. I'll show you in a second. :)

So I did one by just putting in my blog URL...the words that came up are interesting :) has plenty of variations and cool colors/fonts/etc....but no saving option :( so you have to screenshot it which is why there is "print..." button on the side.

Anyhow, on here the bigger the word is the more it's used. I HELLO! is pretty obvious :) hehe. SAT? Okay i'm not so sure about this used often!:) hehe NaBloPoMo..
My favorite on here: hehe :D yes that's overused.
Some small ones that stand out: school, woohoo, Ah-mazing, kindda, bored, went, crazy :) (The fact that went-crazy are right next to each other and the same color is funny)

I "tag" my readers to make a wordle of their blog and see what comes up. Post it if it's interesting! :D

Messing with Nail Enamel :)

Hello! :)

This is a part nailpolish review, part picture sharing, and part just having fun :P hehe.

So I LOVE to put nailpolish on! I have forgotten to the last couple months so I went super crazy this time and used four colors!!! hehehe :D

Green Blue Pink and Purple!!! :)
On the left side is Rimmel London 60 Second 830 Camouflage (green) and 819 Green with Envy (blue). On the right side is Sally Hansen HD nail color 08 Hi-Res (Pink) and Revoln 762 Plum Attraction (Purple).

I love the green and blue one because it's metallic and unique. :) I bought it last year from Ulta for buy one, get one half off, and it only cost about $4 per bottle normally. And putting it on is so nice! Apparently it has a "pro-cision brush" which makes it so precise and easy to put on. :) It took a little while to dry (not 60 seconds anyhow :)) but it's really pretty!
Don't ask my why the blue one is called Green with Envy :)

The pink and purple is cool, not my favorite though. Actually the pink one is really pretty but really expensive- about $8.50- the normal OPI price. My sister still regrets wasting money on it but i find it quite pretty :). The purple is nice but not really a gorgeous color. It's too dark :P hehe...
The purple one doesn't really have a name front :)
their names :)
My walls :)
For some reason, I really like this blue and green combo :). It is my room colors...
have I ever posted this before?

It's a pretty combo :)

Some more pics:
super editing!!! hehe

i'm not the neatest nailpolish putter-on-er :) hehe
It looks so glossy! :)
Okey, that's enough for today!

:) have a lovely day!

On A sIdE NoTe
did any of you watch the World Cup yesterday? Bangladesh vs. India? :) India won, but Bengali's have great sportmanship! They were rooting for their team until the last minute! :)

:) Allah hafiz :)