Thursday, January 3, 2013

SemiAnnual Birthday Bash!

My best friend and I started this thing a few years back where for both of our birthdays, we go shopping (and buy the birthday girl's present), eat lunch, and enjoy the day out together. Not only is this a fun tradition (we call it our Semi Annual Birthday Bashes, since her birthday is in May and mine is in December) but it gives us both a chance to go shopping, spend some out of school time together, and choose a gift that the other person certainly likes (since they choose it).

We went on my SABB the other day and I basically bought a whole outfit that I absolutely adore and ate some great food.

First stop was ForLove21, which is mainly just accessories. We then went to Charlotte Russe. CR is one of my favorite stores-- their clothes/shoes/accessories are almost always affordable and pretty/cute! I had been looking at some boots online from them that I wanted to try on while I was there.

I love yellow, but these yellow boots were more mustardy, plus as much as I'd love to put on yellow boots with everything, red is a much easier/better "pop of color " addition to most outfits. My friends were hating on these boots because theyre not a fan of bright colors (quote one, "Normally people start off by buying neutral colors". LOL, though i do own brown boots!) plus these boots were clashing with my outfit! I decided to buy the red boots :) They were $29.99 with BOGO 50% off, but I didn't get anything else because I didn't really like any of the other shoes.

Next stop was Bath and Body Works. This is a scent store with lotions, plug-in room scents, perfumes, sprays, and other items related to their unique scents. I got some sprays from them on the last SABB, and was done/tired of them, so I wanted to find some more! BABW needs to add those coffee bean cups that some other stores have that clear your sense of smell up. I tried so many scents (all over my friends and my clothes! haha it was a funny sight) that I'm not 100% sure what the scents i bought smell like. :D But one of my friends had liked the ones I got previously so I'll assume theyre okay. 
This is Pink Chiffon, Coconut Lime Breeze, and Blackberry Woods in mini spray size, 3 for $10

We stopped and had some Ice Cream from Dairy Queen. The mini blizzard size is a lot bigger than it looks, I probably should have stuck with it instead of getting a small! Then we went to Forever 21. F21 used to be one of those stores where I could find several things I loved easily, but nowadays it's so disorganized and has more wacky stock than wearable stuff. I did like a few dresses though and ended up getting one net-white dress. Being a hijabi, I normally wear short dresses with jeans. It's not a normal thing to do, but I don't have a problem with it. I love dresses!

$30 dress, which is expensive but it was a semi-annual splurge! and $2.80 belt, because I wanted to pull the outfit together with my red boots.

We then had "lunch" or "dinner" or "supper", whatever you want to call it because it was pretty late :) The non-desi friend between us 3 said it was dinner, but for us two it was surely lunch. haha My favorite place is Panera Bread but it was sadly closed :(. We ended up buying lunch from Villa  in the food court. It was really unique and good! I got a Greek Stramboli with Greek salad and Pink Lemonade. I like Pink Lemonade. That's what i got with the Chinese shrimp and noodles at the last SABB. Totally appropriate choice.

And that was our SABB! Wait not, not quite. We came across a coin donation thing, and just HAD to put all our pennies in there.

And that was the end. I love SABB-ing! :)

Unrelated: This picture was on my FB newsfeed the other day as 2012 summarized into one photo. LOL (credit: Mashable possibly?) HAPPY NEW YEAR! :D

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Nail Tutorial: Tape Designing

I found this on Pinterest several months ago and decided to try it out. I did do this several months ago, so I'll try my best to recall any troubles I had in between :)

1) Apply nail polish in any way you chose. I decided to do what this picture did and do three strips of three bright colors. It doesn't have to be neat at all. Make sure it's completely dry before you move to step #2.

2) Find some thin tape OR cut up normal tape so it is in thin strips. Cutting tape is a little difficult, so if that's the route you go you'll probably end up with some fun shapes, which is okay. Then, place the strips/shapes randomly on your finger. (you can kind of see the clear tape in the pictures below randomly cute/placed)

3) Cover your nail(s) again in one color. You could probably mess around with this and do a few colors as well. Since I had a bright base selection, I chose a dark purple to cover the nails. 


4) After you wait a long time and let the top color dry, peel off the tape.  My nails weren't as neat as I wanted them to be probably because I didn't wait long enough for the top part to dry and the tape wasn't put on strongly enough originally.

5) As you can probably tell from the pictures, there is a physical level difference between the layers of polish. So putting on top coat is probably a wise idea! :) Here are all my nails final product

This design took LOTS of time/work with the waiting and cutting up tape and attempting to not create a total mess :) But the end product is pretty fun and unique! If you have like stickers you could possibly do like hearts/stars. There's lots of ways to go with this, but make sure to let everything dry properly!

Facebook Personalities: Teenager Edition

I got a Facebook two years ago, after much pestering my sister to let me have one. Looking back, I'm glad I didn't get one sooner, as my posts from two years ago where I rte lke dis are really embarrassing. Complete sentences make such a big difference. But over the years, I've gotten disappointed/surprised/annoyed/shocked/amused at how people act on Facebook (and Twitter, but that's a story for another day). Actually, I think there are  categorized personalities that people fall into. Let's talk about them.

Disclaimer: None of these personalities are completely bad. Possibly. I mean I fall into one of them too. 

1) The Over-posters- This is pretty self-explanatory. These people post all the time. Personally, I don't care way too much about these people because when I'm bored and constantly refresh Facebook, these people's pointless posts entertain me for a few seconds.

2) The Low-Key Conversationers- These are the ones the publically post on other's walls "low-key" information. Dear, everyone can see that. There is nothing "low-key" about posting on facebook.

3) The Emotional Rollercoasters- mainly about boyfriends. This is the cycle these people go through:
1. oh my gosh I am soooo lonely.  no one likes me. 
 2. I wish you would look at me. 
3. *Taylor Swift Song quote*
4. OMG I'm dating so-&-so. I am sooo blessed to have such an amazing boyfriend. I love him sooooo much.
5. Oh my gosh we watched a movie today. i love my boyfriend.
6. I'm gonna kill myself. I hate my life
7. *Taylor Swift Quote*
4) The Preachers- these people post ESSAYS with religious stories and preaching and adding religion to controversial issues.  I have like 2 Christian friends who constantly do this. Really nice people. This just gets annoying after a while. Especially in USA when you know that a bunch of people in your friends' list aren't as religious/the same religion as you. Shoving things downs peoples throats does not change beliefs.

5) The Quiet Stalkers- These are the people who hardly EVER post or comment. But if you send them a private message you'll have a reply within seconds. The ones that bring up how great your facebook picture looked when you see them in person. In their defense-- if it shows up on their news feed, it is NOT stalking.

I think this covers all the profiles I know. But I have a very limited friend list. What type of Facebook personalities do you encounter on a daily basis?

Random note: I googled Facebook personalities and found quite a few articles (CNN, etc) but they weren't perfect matches. The American Teenage crowd is not the same as middle-age parent working crowd. Big surprise (*insert nonexistant sarcasm font*)