Friday, July 30, 2010

Late nite ramble

Hi!!!! :) (Asslamoalaikum wa rehmatullah wa barkatuhu) (heehee) Okay, so if you've been talking to me recently you will know that I REALLY wanted a caridgan. I mean what can get better than a loose, pretty, cover up? But everywhere I found one the prices are skyrocketing! Okay not that much but like $40+! So today I was at Fashion Bug and I got a black one for $20! Woohoo! It's even ruffly! Plus I got pink tank top from JCpennys which looks fantastic with it. (don't worry hijab+pins+caridgan=no-one-will-know-it's-a-cami!) so yah I was enough excited about that but I also got a poncho-ish shirt! It's brown and I love it! (3/4 sleeve...I'm not too big on sleeves yet :( enough Clothes talk what else is up? I finally got a letter for freshman orientation- it was a hilarious letter. It said things like..."meet you upperclassmen, who will be EAGER to meet you (my bros one of these people...I told him he better be eager to meet me :p) and what to bring: pencil, .... And a positive attitude. Heeehee. Im commonly known to have EVERYTHING, also known as I told my amigas that I will happy provide anything they forget...ESP the POSITIVE ATTITUDE. :p okay I this blog sounds exceptionally weird I'm writing at 3:09 am. (should I be up this late? Lets leave such heavy duty pondering for other days) seriously...theres only so much summer left. Plus I still need to go downstairs and wash the "chai ko dekchee" (tea saucepan) and cups. Hmm tomorrow thr last day for summer classes! YAHOO! okay enough I really should go downstairs and wash dishes.
Allah hafiz
Ps. Okay in all my late night craziness I totally missed important stuff. Three HORRIBLE things happened in Pakistan yesterday (plane crash, flood/dam broke, and 2 story building collapsed...all in one province) my heart goes out to all of you who were affected by this. It seems like bad things are just toppling eachother these days. :( my family keeps watching news reports and interviews and details on pilot/air hostess...and it's just sooo depressing. INSHALLAH ALLAHTALLAH will get the Pakistanid and especially people affected through this and may all the people who passed away go to Jannah (heaven) INSHALLAH & Ameen. :)

From mag- 2! :)

(written July 21st!)
Today was good day! (like most days :p) First, doodle jump came out with a Nuevo update!!! Multitasking AND underwater theme! Loving doodle jump all over again! Second, I did a little driving today!! Woohoo! dad was teaching me bhabhi to drive...and I learned/did some too!! It was fun! (no was empty parking Lot of my high school!) was very awesome! Especially since I can't get a permit until December...:) heeheehee Third, I went to me bhabhi's house for a bit! :) just for fun! We watched Kung Fu Panda ! It was a GREAT FUNNY MOVIE! :) (yes ik it's old LC watches old stuff. Toy story 3 rocked! Now I need to c Despicable Me!) Fourth, bcuz I was complaining about not having anything "GOOD" in the house (ie: chocolate!) mi madre brought TRIPLE LAYER FUDGE BROWNIE MIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now...I'll get around to making it ONE day (until I get tired of my bro pestering me to make it) anyone wanna come to me house? Fifth............ :) nothing but life is good. Okey dokey mi iPod charger is omitting electricity (scary!) at least it feels like it so....Toodles! (ps- sorry for the jumbled blog I can only write on the HTML editor on my iPod n it doesn't recognize "enters"!

From magnetwork

:) so I'm part of this Muslim-American-girl network (which is fun!) and i posted two blog posts there...which i am pasting here :) there a bit more fun than my previous post :p hehe

Hi! So today is July 20th! Doodle Jump was supposed to release an iOS4 update but it didn't :( My classes end July 30th!! YAHOO! hehe but I've been procrastinating HORRIBLY!! :( I need to finish the work! Finals are on August 2nd... I wonder what will be on the PE final... My bed is coming Tom!! I'm so excited! But then I'll have to take care of rearranging things- the headboard has a "secret" compartment! (rather big- like Pakistani beds!) Remember the hijab styles I was SO excited about? I tried one out at a housewarming on Sunday and it turned out HORRIBLY! My bros thought I looked like batman :p thanks bro! Well the suit was flowy (I lovvved it! My mommy got it made!) I was kindda disappointed... I saw Huda sunday! She's so sweet. :) Song stuck on mi heado: Aik, do, teeen, char-panch,chey-saath,ath-no das-gyaraaaah baraa teraa!" hehe don't know y they put numbers in a love song....

Saturday, July 24, 2010


So recently, a sweet blogger (Nadia from Purple Journal! No linking on this app...check her blog out from the sidebar! ) asked, "When are you updating your blog LavendarClouds?"
Hmmm...been a while hasn't it? :p have I been busy? No, not really. I mean, I have loads to do...but I don't do it. :p For example, I'm taking online summer classes. Can i give you a tip? NEVER TAKE TWO SUMMER ONLINE CLASSES!!! :) it's the perfect method to easily procrastinate. (especially since I can't do assignments on my iPod). So, I've just been filling up deadlines and doing okay. Not my normal class attitude. Heehee. Then last week, our air conditioner broke. We stood it for a week (the repairman couldn't come until this Monday) and then yesterday it was hotter here than in Karachi! we have been hanging out @ my bro's house. (same neighborhood)

You know what's been really bugging me these days? Being called Auntie. For any non-desi person: an auntie is an older woman...somebody 20-30+ years older than you. It's a respectful name...if your not a early teenager. :p But SERIOUSLY! So far, I've been called Auntie, Dulhan Auntie (what??), and been 'guessed' to be my bhabhi. (somebody thought I was the new bhabhi) so, do I LOOK extremely old? Don't think so. My theory: desi people have a mindset that no one besides an Auntie-ish older person would wear full hijab. So, when they see me at parties wearing hijab they automatically assume "auntie!". And the desi's pass it on to their children who also have been calling me auntie. But ive been wearing hijab for a while now (3 years Alhamdulillsh!) so what's with the new trend? Idk but it's REALLY annoying.

Were Americans ever rude to you about Hijab?
Nobody has asked me this, but if they do, the answer is extremely ironic. No American, classmate or adult, has EVER said anything CLOSE to being rude. (besides this one African-American girl who insisted on seeing my hair on the bus. She didn't succeed) Americans were actually much nicer than the desi people. Nicer or you could say...less shocked? Like that one lady that told my sis, "your sister shouldn't have started wearing
hijab so soon. She will grow up and take it off." (apparently the woman had done so) and plenty of others who had been really SHOCKED! You know, the truth is, I had it really easy. My mom and sis wore hijab, and relatives in Pakistan wore full Abaya. It was VERY acceptable to wear hijab in my family; but it was COMPLETELY my choice. If I hadn't wanted to wear hijab, I wouldn't. So with such a perfect situation, I had no problem starting hijab. So no humongous thing for me to start at a young age. But just because most girls don't start until college, doesn't mean it's WRONG to start early. Seriously.

Okay, enough anger released. :p hehe

Allah hafiz