Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Hijaab Accessories Review!

Assalam-o-Alaikum!!!! :)

1st of all- Pakistan plays on Wednesday against India in ICC World Cup SemiFinal!!! GOOO PAKISTAN!!! :D

So...Hijaab accessories. Until last summer, i wore my scarf one way and that was it. However, last summer I discovered youtube video tutorials!!! :) Since then i've been interested in ways to add variety to my hijaab style. Over the winter I bought a knit hat, which turned out quite well :) <-

I've bought two more things recently from ForLove21- my new favorite store!!! :) I loooove it! it's affordable, beautiful, and has cool stuff.

So I bought two more hijaab accessories...a necklace and headband.

I'll start with the necklace. :) I normally don't wear necklaces (long or short) with hijaab because...I don't know. :P It doesn't really fit my style at all. But this is one that is REALLY pretty.

My Paki green kambal in the background :)
I really like wearing cardigans, and this has that very fancy, flowy cardigan look. It's made of 3 levels of beads and a big flower at the right.

Not a complete picture, but see how it works well with the cardigan? Another awesome hijab-friendly thing about this is that the flower is a PIN!! :D So you can pin down your hijab to your cardigan and keep your necklace from moving!!!
I suppose you can remove the flower too...but why would you do that?? :P I haven't worn this much, so I can't say how wearable it is- yet. Because it is made of a lot of NET, i'm scared it'll easily i'll wear it carefully. One of the cool things about this is that the biggest set of beads is covered with net!
Yes, I'm very amused :D This cost $8.80...which is quite reasonable for such an intricate necklace.

Next up- headband!!!

My blanket again :)
I have no idea why this has two strands....that is a con, but it'll get to that later. :)
I have worn this a couple times now, so this is a proper review! I actually go the idea of this from Amenakin on youtube, the person i most watched last summer. So I've been looking for a proper headband and i saw one at Target but I didn't buy it. This is flower is so pretty though! :)

If you wear a wrap scarf, you can easily conceal the strands by putting this on first, then draping the long part of the scarf over this. Then you can pin it up so it completely covers it. :)

It was hard to get a picture of this without my that's like the best i can do :P. hehe.

Can you see the blue pin on the other side of the flower? I used two pins on either side to hide the strands.
So...the con!! The only annoying thing about this is that it can get a little tight. A solution for this is to wear only one strand and let the other just....sit there.  I ended up wearing both strands and I got used to it...

This can be used for other things too!! :) I had hippie day at my school a week ago...and my sister gave me the idea to turn this sideways!!
:) How did people dress up like this in the 60s? it was fun for a day though :D
yes it's blurry :D
And that's it! :) oh...the headband cost $2-$3 (I don't remember...but it was really cheap!)

Inspired? Let me know how you guys style your hijaabs too!!!

Go Pakistan!
 I made this for my sister :) sorry if your Indian.... :D

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Random Memory

Karahi's Wall's ice cream truck :) Loveeeed the 15 rupee zappers :D

Go Team Pakistan! :)