Friday, September 4, 2009

Beautiful (4)

Yay, I'm on the blogroll on NaBloPoMo! :) Yay. But there's a LOT more people on the blogroll than when i checked last time! :D

:D I got my lovely ring too. It's awesome!!!!! :)

I have nothing else to talk about. I talked to my friend for like 45 min. about NOTHING. I'm such a bore today.

Oh well my bus driver did  change. And it's horrid! She's all like, NOTHING IN THE AISLES, I'M GONNA WRITE U UP IF U DON'T QUIET DOWN,  ETC!!!! And we weren't even that loud (no i'm not lying...we were all using our "inside voices" as she called it, even before she told us to) Yeah...our old one quit this morning. :( she was so nice. I hope they change the lovely women we got...or it's gonna be a looooooong year.

That's about it...3 Day weekend, and i'm so excited! :) Hopefully i'll have it fun and exciting. At least i'll finish a couple books. (i'm currently reading Book Theif but i wanted to suggest 13 Reasons Why b4 i put that on my Currently Reading)

ttyl! :)

¡Hasta mañana!

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