Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fun fun fun!

I've tweaked up my blog even more....with PaGeS!!! yay!!!

Not much in there- though if your reading this please leave a comment on the Guestbook! 

For the About Me page, I chose some inspirational and representing-me pics from my iPod.

I'm thinking about adding a page that I had on Pinksea (old blog). It was called Q&A and I requested questions which I would answer in a post. I was randomly on Pinksea today and saw that somebody has asked me a question back in August '09. (What's your favorite thing about Ramadan?) So...should I make another page? Idk.....we'll see.

Happy Easter to all Christians! I hope your day is lovely!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The normal :)

I'm writing so quickly again?!? Yeah...that's the luxary of wifi on you iPod touch. (a.k.a. MIP= my iPod) I sad part is blogger doesn't have an app on the itouch. So it takes a while to write here and I can't edit color or anything :(. Wordpress has an app but I quit wordpress a while ago. :D

so...Liya's post about the weather inspired me to write some too about the lovely weather. It rained last night so all the trees sprouted some greenery! We have a small forest in our backyard and the sight was so beautiful this morning- all green and wet. Not only here but Pakistan has good weather too! My mom who is over there has not needed to turn on the air conditioner at all! Isn't that amazing; considering Pakistan is soo hot normally? The weather makes me happy! :D

Also, I'm trying to do something very special for my friend's upcoming birthday. See, ever since I got an iTouch, I think ti's the most amazing thing ever and everyone needs one! :) Well, this friend of mine is never gonna get it on her own. So us friends have decided to combine our money and buy her an Ipod Touch from Ebay (a little cheaper- we don't work so we have a tiny budget!).  And I keep checking Ebay to see the bids. I hope we can arrange this because it would be so exciting for her!!!

That's about it. :) I'm adding some pics of my backyard. It's all green but trust me- it looks beautiful in the real world.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A New Year and a New Template

Okay, so I'm not completely playing April Fools' Day. Apparently, somewhere in the history of England they started New Year's on April 1st. And it somehow led to April Fools' Day. :)

But GOOGLE was certainly playing April Fool's Day on the whole world. If you went on today this is what you saw:

And if you clicked on Topeka to find out WhAt ThIs iS aLl AbOuT there was a page of information on how Google had changed its name to Topeka after Topeka, Kansas- a city in Kansas that last month changed it's name to Google to promote Google and get faster internet. :P 

I did fall for it because I'm very blonde inside. :D But somewhere in my head i was going, "How is that POSSIBLE? Are you serious?"
So I topeked (a.k.a. googled) 'Topeka Google' and the first result told me this was an APRIL FOOLS' DAY JOKE!

heehee it was pretty funny though. :D

Topeka is a WEIRD name. I wonder who named Topeka, Kansas in the first place.

Oh and my new Template. :) Blogger has this new "Blogger In Draft" thing with new templates- so i tried this one out. Not Lavendar Clouds as the background but their still clouds! :D Some of my older posts are written in a lighter color becuz i had a black background back then. I am waay to lazy to go back and change all that so if u wish to read old posts just highlight the post and you'll be able to read it. :D 

Have a lovely day!!!!