Saturday, September 5, 2009

Beautiful (5)

Long Weekend! Yahoo! I slept in a TON, am very hungry, and have two major things to say. :P
#1: I put up a poll at the top of the sidebar. Please let me know if these colors (neon colors upon black blackground) hurts ur eyes. :) I will make the nessessary changes then- if it does. :P
#2. Caterpillers! Last Wednesday, i went with my biology teacher and got Monarch Caterpillers. There population is going down because bigger insects are infecting them. So humans are growing them up in saftey. :) Well, last weekend i didn't bring mine home because it was too small. But on this three day weekend, i did becaues it's soooo cute now! My friend on the bus LOVED it. :P The pic isn't of her, but that's how "she" looks. I named her Dora and call her "she" cause i like girls. :P You can't tell if it's a boy/girl until it becomes a butterfly. :) Oh...i should make a movie of her filding around in her little house. :P (Well...there's another beautiful thing!)

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