Sunday, February 3, 2013

YouTube Fun! :)

So once upon a time my sister did not want me watching youtube videos. That was many, many years ago. Nowadays, I'll watch Youtube for Pakistani dramas, Ellen, and random hijabi videos.

A few videos/channels that made me smile/laugh/tear up tonight:

1) Drive through prankster with Ellen

This just made me CRACK up. You can search his channel and watch more videos but I think this captures it well.

2) Channel: CoveredGirlFayha

I linked this video because it's funny :) But Fayha is so adorable! I was watching like a ton of her recent videos and it made me want to vlog, I feel like my tone/style would be very similar to what she does! Anyhoo, I'm not into make-up tutorials (as of right now) but I like these hijab-fun-Muslim channel people that do all sorts of things. The other channel that I've followed for probably several years now (i don't know...) is Amenakin!

3) A Heartwarming Surprise for Ry'Shonda
I'm not one to easily tear up while reading a book or watching a doing GOOD thing (sad things, on the other hand...). But this video, in the end, got me. I think the best thing about this is that at a glance it's not easy to be understanding of her situation. If you have grown up in an environment where education was the obvious pathway it's easy to judge the family for other things, so I really respect Ellen (and her backstage people) for really seeing the good and strength in this women and helping her out. I also respect people A LOT for teaching their kids to be super respectful & polite even with super hard situations. Talking about tearing up, in all the "doing good Ellen" videos I've never seen HER choke up and she did! It was really sweet. Some people are just great.

That is all.