Thursday, November 29, 2012


My US History class participated in a contest this week, called One Brave Thing. The idea was to make a Pinterest board as a class, and have at least 10 individuals post-- about something that inspires them, someone that inspires them, something brave they have done, or something brave they pledge to do. 

We got really into this the last 2 hours before the contest ended, and I think our board looks great. I don't want to link it, but after I posted one pin I kept thinking of more and more inspiring items, and decided to just make a cumulative blog post about it. (Some of these may end up on the gratitude page...)

My parents' sacrifice led them to leave everything they had ever known: family, culture, and a "normal" lifestyle. It led them to move more than 7,000 miles away from home for the sake of the betterment of their children's education, future, and security. This is an action not everyone can easily take, and for that abundance of bravery and selflessness they inspire me greatly.

My community and school inspires me. In a post 9/11 USA with news media filled with negative news related to Muslims, Islam, and South Asian countries on a daily basis, it amazes me that the more than two thousand students, teachers, and faculty treat me, a hijabi Muslim-Pakistani-American, with so much respect and tolerance. Their ability to look beyond the stereotypes and news, and focus on each person as an individual is such a great characteristic. When I read articles about bullying in other schools, I can never stop being grateful for the people around me. 

Education is such a tremendous privilege, and Malala Yousafzai made me reevaluate the immense amount of gratitude I should have for my easily accessible, quality education. This young girl fought for what she believed in, even it meant risking her life and liberty. She is such an inspiration to everyone, and even more for me because we share a common cultural heritage, but have vastly different life experiences. Malala makes me grateful for what I have been blessed with and motivates me to fight for other's educational right. I hope someday I can use my privileges to benefit others that are not as fortunate.

Who inspires you? 

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