Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Facebook Personalities: Teenager Edition

I got a Facebook two years ago, after much pestering my sister to let me have one. Looking back, I'm glad I didn't get one sooner, as my posts from two years ago where I rte lke dis are really embarrassing. Complete sentences make such a big difference. But over the years, I've gotten disappointed/surprised/annoyed/shocked/amused at how people act on Facebook (and Twitter, but that's a story for another day). Actually, I think there are  categorized personalities that people fall into. Let's talk about them.

Disclaimer: None of these personalities are completely bad. Possibly. I mean I fall into one of them too. 

1) The Over-posters- This is pretty self-explanatory. These people post all the time. Personally, I don't care way too much about these people because when I'm bored and constantly refresh Facebook, these people's pointless posts entertain me for a few seconds.

2) The Low-Key Conversationers- These are the ones the publically post on other's walls "low-key" information. Dear, everyone can see that. There is nothing "low-key" about posting on facebook.

3) The Emotional Rollercoasters- mainly about boyfriends. This is the cycle these people go through:
1. oh my gosh I am soooo lonely.  no one likes me. 
 2. I wish you would look at me. 
3. *Taylor Swift Song quote*
4. OMG I'm dating so-&-so. I am sooo blessed to have such an amazing boyfriend. I love him sooooo much.
5. Oh my gosh we watched a movie today. i love my boyfriend.
6. I'm gonna kill myself. I hate my life
7. *Taylor Swift Quote*
4) The Preachers- these people post ESSAYS with religious stories and preaching and adding religion to controversial issues.  I have like 2 Christian friends who constantly do this. Really nice people. This just gets annoying after a while. Especially in USA when you know that a bunch of people in your friends' list aren't as religious/the same religion as you. Shoving things downs peoples throats does not change beliefs.

5) The Quiet Stalkers- These are the people who hardly EVER post or comment. But if you send them a private message you'll have a reply within seconds. The ones that bring up how great your facebook picture looked when you see them in person. In their defense-- if it shows up on their news feed, it is NOT stalking.

I think this covers all the profiles I know. But I have a very limited friend list. What type of Facebook personalities do you encounter on a daily basis?

Random note: I googled Facebook personalities and found quite a few articles (CNN, etc) but they weren't perfect matches. The American Teenage crowd is not the same as middle-age parent working crowd. Big surprise (*insert nonexistant sarcasm font*)

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