Sunday, November 25, 2012


So November 22nd was Thanksgiving here in USA. For those that don't know, the cultural story behind this holiday goes back to when America was just a British colony. The pilgrims came to USA with little knowledge of how to harvest crops and make a living from the land, and the native Indians taught them how. After a good harvest they held a Thanksgiving feast to commemorate their thankfulness for greatly needed food. More on this here (a more historically accurate version). This was made a national one day holiday by Abraham Lincoln during the civil war.

The basic cultural idea behind this holiday today is to take a moment to be grateful for what you have (and eat a nice dinner with family/friends). A lot of the blogs I follow will do gratitude list posts around this time and schools do activities where kids make projects centered around the idea of thankfulness. This is a concept that really should be a remembered year-round, so I decided to make this a continuous page on my blog.  I envision it as a continuous post with fun gratitude things as well (meaning, beyond the necessities). I might make some of them individual posts as well.

Which reminds me, if you ever need a boost about your life not being so bad after all, visit 820+ little things that make life brighter :)

I would challenge other bloggers to try this as well! I think we all have plenty to be grateful about. :)


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