Friday, November 23, 2012

[Semi] Fresh Start

*As I talk about new changes, I'll stick some random pictures from the last 5 months :)*

I sat down to change my blog design, and after a few minutes realized that I liked it how it was. I don't remember exactly when I updated the blog design to this nature-isque blue sky theme, but I guess it's one preference that hasn't changed over the years. I did shake up the fonts a little bit. Century Gothic is still an awesome font (in fact, blogger still shows my drafts in this font) and I have used it so much in the past 4 years that friends call it my "signature" font. But I've gotten into a fun phase of using "fun" fonts for homework headers, flyers, posters, and now, my blog. (side note, if you want to waste a lot of time making assignments look fun, are all great places to start looking for fun, free fonts)

 These are my first pair of PUMPS!
And I absolutely love them!
Even if they aren't the most comfortable
 things on Earth.
In other news, in the 5 months that I was blog-quiet I took lots of pictures. This is a fact I discovered when my 32gb iPod* had 1gb of space left and I decided to go through and delete pictures. And after getting halfway through my album I realized the other half was from just the past 5-6 months. And considering I've had an iPod for almost 4 years, that's insane. I guess having a sibling wedding, double vacation, and needing to text your best friend who lives 4 houses away and sister that's 7,000 miles away every thing in your life's picture = lots and lots of pictures.

A fundraising walk with my yellow
Wasn't I talking about blog changes? oh yah. So I also changed the About Me thingy. For all I know, it may be different tomorrow because I literally sat down at 2:30am and typed words with periods in between that came to my head...that described me. I'll see if I agree with those words at some normal-people daylight hours. Only that I'm half-ly nocturnal and am awake at night and sleep during the day. That really is terrible. I need to fix my sleep schedule PRONTO! (is that an English word or a Spanish word? Sometimes I wonder if a particular word is English or Urdu. For example, a grocery cart is called a "trolley" in Urdu, which technically is ...British? i don't know. Imperialism and melting pots have made languages really confusing)

One of the fun vacations from this past summer
ended with a beautiful sunset on ship :) 
Back from digression. There's also no more "blogs I follow". I actually read lots of blogs on a very regular basis. The list I had was a list outdated though because I have an app on my iPod that has all of the 20+ some blogs I have. So one day I'll sit down and add them to my google list thing.

I think that is it. Might be doing a fun thankful post soon since today was officially Thanksgiving in US of A, but every day should be thanksgiving so i'm sure timely-ness doesn't matter for such a post :)

Have a fantastic day!
80s day for Homecoming Week means wearing
fashions I was never alive for and my parents
weren't part of, which means going over to your
 awesome neighbors the night before and getting
 tips on how to look like an American High
Schooler from the 80s! 

*Ipods/Iphones/and probably all other technology claim to have so many gb of space, and then use up quite a few for hardware. I am not computer genius so that may be a completely incorrect fact. But that space is used up in some cloudy super secret way. So my 32gb iPod only has 28gb of actual open space for me. And I've been using this for almost 4 years now, so the space usage makes sense. Right? well...maybe I don't need all 100 of those apps.

*I realized that the only reason I'm finally on this blog is A) because my iPod decided to misbehave and force me to restore it, and itunes was incredibly rude and decided to take 3 hours to do the restoration and B) because my family is not going Black Friday shopping this year and that makes me slightly sad because it's kind of a fun tradition to go shopping in the middle of the night and C) i miss my sister. but trust me, i've been meaning to come to the blog for a while now. This was just the perfect moment for it.
Henna! Have done lots of it the past several months.


  1. Welcome back to blogging! I missed you. Don't waste those precious 31 gb of photographs and post them here on your blog :)

    Your henna looks pretty!

    My sister recently got married and I'm missing her, so I know what you mean :(

    1. Aw thank you so much!

      haha- I have been posting lots of pictures on the gratitude page and throughout the new posts :) It's hard to find pictures without my face but I guess I can crop some.