Thursday, January 3, 2013

SemiAnnual Birthday Bash!

My best friend and I started this thing a few years back where for both of our birthdays, we go shopping (and buy the birthday girl's present), eat lunch, and enjoy the day out together. Not only is this a fun tradition (we call it our Semi Annual Birthday Bashes, since her birthday is in May and mine is in December) but it gives us both a chance to go shopping, spend some out of school time together, and choose a gift that the other person certainly likes (since they choose it).

We went on my SABB the other day and I basically bought a whole outfit that I absolutely adore and ate some great food.

First stop was ForLove21, which is mainly just accessories. We then went to Charlotte Russe. CR is one of my favorite stores-- their clothes/shoes/accessories are almost always affordable and pretty/cute! I had been looking at some boots online from them that I wanted to try on while I was there.

I love yellow, but these yellow boots were more mustardy, plus as much as I'd love to put on yellow boots with everything, red is a much easier/better "pop of color " addition to most outfits. My friends were hating on these boots because theyre not a fan of bright colors (quote one, "Normally people start off by buying neutral colors". LOL, though i do own brown boots!) plus these boots were clashing with my outfit! I decided to buy the red boots :) They were $29.99 with BOGO 50% off, but I didn't get anything else because I didn't really like any of the other shoes.

Next stop was Bath and Body Works. This is a scent store with lotions, plug-in room scents, perfumes, sprays, and other items related to their unique scents. I got some sprays from them on the last SABB, and was done/tired of them, so I wanted to find some more! BABW needs to add those coffee bean cups that some other stores have that clear your sense of smell up. I tried so many scents (all over my friends and my clothes! haha it was a funny sight) that I'm not 100% sure what the scents i bought smell like. :D But one of my friends had liked the ones I got previously so I'll assume theyre okay. 
This is Pink Chiffon, Coconut Lime Breeze, and Blackberry Woods in mini spray size, 3 for $10

We stopped and had some Ice Cream from Dairy Queen. The mini blizzard size is a lot bigger than it looks, I probably should have stuck with it instead of getting a small! Then we went to Forever 21. F21 used to be one of those stores where I could find several things I loved easily, but nowadays it's so disorganized and has more wacky stock than wearable stuff. I did like a few dresses though and ended up getting one net-white dress. Being a hijabi, I normally wear short dresses with jeans. It's not a normal thing to do, but I don't have a problem with it. I love dresses!

$30 dress, which is expensive but it was a semi-annual splurge! and $2.80 belt, because I wanted to pull the outfit together with my red boots.

We then had "lunch" or "dinner" or "supper", whatever you want to call it because it was pretty late :) The non-desi friend between us 3 said it was dinner, but for us two it was surely lunch. haha My favorite place is Panera Bread but it was sadly closed :(. We ended up buying lunch from Villa  in the food court. It was really unique and good! I got a Greek Stramboli with Greek salad and Pink Lemonade. I like Pink Lemonade. That's what i got with the Chinese shrimp and noodles at the last SABB. Totally appropriate choice.

And that was our SABB! Wait not, not quite. We came across a coin donation thing, and just HAD to put all our pennies in there.

And that was the end. I love SABB-ing! :)

Unrelated: This picture was on my FB newsfeed the other day as 2012 summarized into one photo. LOL (credit: Mashable possibly?) HAPPY NEW YEAR! :D

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