Friday, July 30, 2010

Late nite ramble

Hi!!!! :) (Asslamoalaikum wa rehmatullah wa barkatuhu) (heehee) Okay, so if you've been talking to me recently you will know that I REALLY wanted a caridgan. I mean what can get better than a loose, pretty, cover up? But everywhere I found one the prices are skyrocketing! Okay not that much but like $40+! So today I was at Fashion Bug and I got a black one for $20! Woohoo! It's even ruffly! Plus I got pink tank top from JCpennys which looks fantastic with it. (don't worry hijab+pins+caridgan=no-one-will-know-it's-a-cami!) so yah I was enough excited about that but I also got a poncho-ish shirt! It's brown and I love it! (3/4 sleeve...I'm not too big on sleeves yet :( enough Clothes talk what else is up? I finally got a letter for freshman orientation- it was a hilarious letter. It said things like..."meet you upperclassmen, who will be EAGER to meet you (my bros one of these people...I told him he better be eager to meet me :p) and what to bring: pencil, .... And a positive attitude. Heeehee. Im commonly known to have EVERYTHING, also known as I told my amigas that I will happy provide anything they forget...ESP the POSITIVE ATTITUDE. :p okay I this blog sounds exceptionally weird I'm writing at 3:09 am. (should I be up this late? Lets leave such heavy duty pondering for other days) seriously...theres only so much summer left. Plus I still need to go downstairs and wash the "chai ko dekchee" (tea saucepan) and cups. Hmm tomorrow thr last day for summer classes! YAHOO! okay enough I really should go downstairs and wash dishes.
Allah hafiz
Ps. Okay in all my late night craziness I totally missed important stuff. Three HORRIBLE things happened in Pakistan yesterday (plane crash, flood/dam broke, and 2 story building collapsed...all in one province) my heart goes out to all of you who were affected by this. It seems like bad things are just toppling eachother these days. :( my family keeps watching news reports and interviews and details on pilot/air hostess...and it's just sooo depressing. INSHALLAH ALLAHTALLAH will get the Pakistanid and especially people affected through this and may all the people who passed away go to Jannah (heaven) INSHALLAH & Ameen. :)


  1. When i get on a proper computer I'll add pics of the cardigan and shirt if I can find it on Fashion Bug's website!!

  2. Ameen to your dua!

    "I told him he better be eager to meet me." haha

    "what to bring: pencil, .... And a positive attitude" Love this one!

    Get a proper computer soon! We'd love to see your cardigan and shirt :)

  3. Hehe okay...I should go online soon to download some nice naats and hamds. Ill see if Fashion Bug's website has it then Inshallah :)