Friday, July 30, 2010

From mag- 2! :)

(written July 21st!)
Today was good day! (like most days :p) First, doodle jump came out with a Nuevo update!!! Multitasking AND underwater theme! Loving doodle jump all over again! Second, I did a little driving today!! Woohoo! dad was teaching me bhabhi to drive...and I learned/did some too!! It was fun! (no was empty parking Lot of my high school!) was very awesome! Especially since I can't get a permit until December...:) heeheehee Third, I went to me bhabhi's house for a bit! :) just for fun! We watched Kung Fu Panda ! It was a GREAT FUNNY MOVIE! :) (yes ik it's old LC watches old stuff. Toy story 3 rocked! Now I need to c Despicable Me!) Fourth, bcuz I was complaining about not having anything "GOOD" in the house (ie: chocolate!) mi madre brought TRIPLE LAYER FUDGE BROWNIE MIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now...I'll get around to making it ONE day (until I get tired of my bro pestering me to make it) anyone wanna come to me house? Fifth............ :) nothing but life is good. Okey dokey mi iPod charger is omitting electricity (scary!) at least it feels like it so....Toodles! (ps- sorry for the jumbled blog I can only write on the HTML editor on my iPod n it doesn't recognize "enters"!

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