Friday, July 30, 2010

From magnetwork

:) so I'm part of this Muslim-American-girl network (which is fun!) and i posted two blog posts there...which i am pasting here :) there a bit more fun than my previous post :p hehe

Hi! So today is July 20th! Doodle Jump was supposed to release an iOS4 update but it didn't :( My classes end July 30th!! YAHOO! hehe but I've been procrastinating HORRIBLY!! :( I need to finish the work! Finals are on August 2nd... I wonder what will be on the PE final... My bed is coming Tom!! I'm so excited! But then I'll have to take care of rearranging things- the headboard has a "secret" compartment! (rather big- like Pakistani beds!) Remember the hijab styles I was SO excited about? I tried one out at a housewarming on Sunday and it turned out HORRIBLY! My bros thought I looked like batman :p thanks bro! Well the suit was flowy (I lovvved it! My mommy got it made!) I was kindda disappointed... I saw Huda sunday! She's so sweet. :) Song stuck on mi heado: Aik, do, teeen, char-panch,chey-saath,ath-no das-gyaraaaah baraa teraa!" hehe don't know y they put numbers in a love song....


  1. "My bros thought I looked like batman." LOL

  2. Hehe ;) the suit was the flowy poncho type chadar-folded-in-half Nadia-Khan-style :)