Wednesday, August 4, 2010


:) how are you today? I am fine and dandy :) heehee. was such a RELIEVER day. I had the two finals for my online classes (ironically, I got the same exact grades in both classes!) which my lovely sister dropped me off @ in between college. :) they weren't really hard...especially since we got to use our online resources. :p yay. Then...I just hung out. :) I read from the book for my language assigment. There were four books to choose from, and I chose The Glass Castle . I bought it on my iPod (IBooks) and that kinda motivates me to read it. :D at least it's an interesting story. When school starts we'll be given project over the book (report or easy probably). :) I much prefer that over answering "How villainy the villain was" as my friend did. :p Can you believe it? She actually showed me proof that her assigment page said "villainy"! Hehe...and talking about my friend, she also has to do an essay on how Thomas Jefferson and some other founding father dude (I forget his name :p) were hypocrites and how it ruined their accomplishments. Hehe. Wouldn't it be fun if Pakistani kids were given essays like that to write about their present government? :p heehee
Did you know that my iPod recognizes heehee and heeheehee as a word? At least it doesn't autocorrect it anymore. One time I was telling my friend that I liked this Rahat Fateh Ali Khan song and my iPod insisted on changing it to Rabat Faith!!! :D
Hmm...what else? My furry pillows are so furry. Isn't that surpassing? (that wasn't completely random since I'm sitting on my bed)
My sis the lovely has also started a blog. It's called Qeemay Kay Somosay but I won't tell you the blog URL until she gets a couple more posts written. :) she plans on writing a "Chronicles of My Sister" because she thinks that I have no common sense and she finds it soo funny. :/ hmph. Heehee

Okey dokey الله hafiz! :)

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  1. Reading back through this I see my iPod autocorrected several things. (easy-> essay and surpassing-> surprising) :) sadly I can't go back and edit on the app so we'll just live with the mistakes :)