Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Beginnings 3 (Homework break)

Uno: My news resolutions are failing so far :(
Dos: NaBloPoMo is very hard to do when your sleep schedule is wacky and you're awake during school and at night.
Tres: I think I should make resolution #5: Fall asleep the day BEFORE I need to wake up. (aka not in early morning hours)
Cuatro: That's sort of a restatement of fixing my sleep schedule.
Cinco: Why am I numbering this in Spanish? As I'm about halfway through the 3rd A&P Lab about the nervous system, I think I could probably make something about my nervous system and the parietal lobe being confused about all these languages. But I like Spanish.
Seis: Today I had to put serious thought into what 7+7 was
Seite: I think that's very adequate support for why I should go back to kindergarten. Coloring inside the lines sounds like fun.
Ocho: DID YOU KNOW? As of my last birthday, I can legally drop out of High School now. :D
Nueve: I don't really know how to do anything but school work, so working at McDonald's might not work out so well if I drop out. Evaluating my level of common sense, I would probably fail at flipping burgers.
Diez: I think it's time to finish the lab now.


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