Sunday, January 1, 2012

Beginnings 1 (NY Resolutions)

Day 1 of NaBlaPoMo, Day 1 of 2012...I liked this popular tweet last night: "Chapter 2012, Page 1 of 366" (Leap year!) it's an interesting way to say it :)

While I'm a goal-oriented person, I've never made New Years resolutions. After watching the ball drop in Times Square on tv (or on my iPod, like this year) life moved on normally without an extra significance of a New Year. Maybe that's why for a couple weeks after the New Year I continue putting the old year on my school papers :)

But for the purpose of this blog, and just some reflection, I compiled a short list of resolutions. They're not necessarily year long goals, but just goals.

Here we go.

1) Read Quran daily/several times a week
2) Read more nonschool books
3) Fix my sleeping schedule
4) Get good grades?

I've already somewhat started 1 and 2 (downloaded a bunch of book samples on iBooks the other day, I'll pick some up from the library tomorrow hopefully ) and 3 and 4 make laugh. For the past several years I've tried to fix my sleeping schedule SOO much & epically failed. It's seems like a joke to put that on a resolutions list. And 4 because academic goals have always existed for me, so it's funny to actually write that down. They're a lot more specific than that, but the general statement covers it :)

Let's see how these resolutions work out...I'll add more over the year, because as I said, I make lots of goals :)

Inshallah may this next year bring happiness and success for everyone. :)



(upcoming soon! A nail polish style/review)

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