Monday, July 25, 2011

Heart Tree

Hello! Assalam Walaikum! Hola!

Yesterday I picked up my phone fully knowing it was my dad and said, "Hello?". My sister's like, "What?!" :D It's like involuntary now, pick up the phone and say Hello?! hehe are probably wondering what's heart tree...or you may not. But I'm going to tell you anyways because when I showed this picture to my sister she was not interested, at all. :( Maybe random people who possibly read my blog are more interested? :P

Now, all of you may not be as randomly amused by everything in this world as I am, but do you see what I saw when I was closing my blinds the other day? IT'S A HEART! FORMED BY LEAVES.

You don't see it?


Here, I'll point it out for you.

Now I know what you're thinking....that in the dark the shadow falls and it makes things look like other things. But, it looks like a heart in the daytime too!!! :D

Yes, I know, it's not a PERFECT heart. I mean, there are other branches and leaves in the way. But I think it has a pretty prominent outline.

:D As long as there are leaves on that tree, I am pretty amused by this every morning & evening when I open and close my blinds/curtains.

In other news and things I am amused by, guess what I found at Meijer yesterday!?!

It's a FLOWER PEN!! No, I didn't buy it :( it was $2.99 for a pen, and as much as I loved it I didn't feel like wasting money on it. :D

Not only was there a pen, but there was other flowery things too!

This is a "vase" with the flower on one side and a cleaning brush on the other :)
A kitchen sink (or bathroom?) thing, with a place to put soap, a cleaner thing, and a flower brush!

When I have my own little kitchen INSHALLAH, I think I will get something like this. :D

Yes, I get amused by everything. It was hot outside today and when I stepped inside my home I was like, "AIR CONDITIONERRRRR!!!!". :D hehe...

That's enough of amusement today...well enough blogging amusement :P. 7 Days till Ramadan!!! 24ish until school start :( and a bunch of homework still left to do....I think I'll just stare outside at the heart tree :D


  1. That heart tree is so cool! It wasn't so visible on the first picture so I was glad you outlined it, and then you post a daytime picture, and I'm like, wow! Beautiful capture, sis.

  2. Aw thank you!! :) I'm happy somebody else finds it interesting & cool too!

  3. I think it's cute and interesting too! :D I love finding such things in nature :) thanks for sharing! <3

    Ramadan Mubarak to you!

  4. Little Auntie! :) Thank you!

    Ramadan Mubarak to you and the rest of the LA team as well :)