Thursday, July 14, 2011

Brownies, Crackle, Ramadan, and...homework? :(

A couple things to mention :)

I ate all of mine before taking a pic :P This pic is from here
1) I have been eating this amazingly amazing brownie! It is from Panera Bread! They have this deal where on top of any lunch/dinner meal, you can get one for $0.99. Today I got it FREE (yipee! lol true desi style :D) because I joined MyPanera and they give you free stuff periodically. This brownie is literally like the best brownie I've ever had! Hehe...I love Panera Bread :D

*this isn't my picture, it is from here
2) Today while at Ulta, I tried some random nail-polishes, including China Glaze crackle. I have Opi shatter in black, but after trying China Glaze, I would highly suggest buying it over Opi. The brush is easier to spread (unlike Opi, whose brush/thickness makes it really hard to spread evenly) and it cracks very nicely. The price difference isn't much between Opi and China Glaze, but quality wise I think China Glaze is amazing.(I did Ulta yellow nailpolish with China Glaze black mesh crackle, and it looks very similar to the picture at right)

3) RAMADAN IS COMING UP!!! :) I'm trying to finish work before Ramadan, but it probably won't be possible because I have sooooo much summer homework! It's horrible :( yah. But I do fun things in put on mehendi...and watch tv. oooh have you guys seen Jago Pakistan Jago on Hum Tv? It's hosted by Fahad Mutafa (and Kiran Khan, but she's currently on vacation). Loving that morning show! But yesterday they showed an older episode because Karachi's halaat (environment? saftey?) isn't too good these day :( Just hope everyone stays safe...I've also been downloading new songs. Bol and Patiala House have some nice ones :)

Lost the numbering by subject matter on #3, but that's okay :P hehe's interesting how my "writing" style has changed over the years. I was searching for a post about Panera Bread and came across some old posts...they were interesting.

Okay, that's it for now. Hope you all have an amazing rest of July!

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