Sunday, October 9, 2011

The random stuff I've been planning to blog about... :D

Hello people!

It's been forever since I've blogged...yah...that. Schooleosis is no fun when I go crazy-asian-nerd mode :D haha

Anyway, a looongg time ago I took some "outfit of the day" pics, the other day I finally transported them onto my computer, and now I'm posting. (this process will be sooo cut short by the white ipod touch i shall be getting in a few days that has a camera and blogger app! yipee!)

Anyway, the picture?
I can't say much about the prices, since most of the stuff is from Pakistan. But the scarf's from Target (it was like $3...really light and fragile scarf though). I think this was a color combination suggested by my darling sister :D and it works pretty well with white sleeves. I'm not a fan of these particular sleeves because they are SHORT, but they come in a longer size too and you can buy them from most hijab sites, Islamic conventions, and my friend just bought them from eBay. :)

Next up is...Pakistan Independence nailpolish! haha I didn't realize I hadn't posted this yet, but Pakistan's Independence day was August 14th, and I had some fun using my Sally Hansen nail art pen to 'celebrate'.
Pakistan's flag!
Random stars-- my favorite one! after the flag :D

All the other ones :)

Next! :DI just love the variety of scenery where I live. Sometime in the last couple months I got this perfect sunset gradient. Then, my mom and I were out and the sky was extremely blue against the bright green cornfields and grass = perfect moment! :D It was a very isolated road so my mom slowed down so I could take pics...hehe

The sky were more blue, but camera + editing doesn't capture nature perfectly :)

This is basically exactly how it looked :D
And if you are wondering, it did start raining right when we got home. I saw this time of wonderful colorful weather again recently, and it rained again, so I guess that's linked :D haha

Currently the leaves have changed colors and fallen, and I should probably get some pictures of that because it is absolutely beautiful! :)

Next up is something school related! I did this fun little project about religions and we made paper dolls! This is the Islam one:

There were little flaps that open up with facts inside, and we had 5 other dolls so they were joined by holding hands! :D This reminded me of a book I read in 2nd grade called Flat Stanley (I was searching for an info link for this and I realize how this "Flat Stanley project" has far amplified since I was part of it) it was something about a little boy that becomes flattened and then does stuff? This was forever ago, but I remember making a paper person and sending it to my friend who had to take a picture of doing something with Flat Stanley :)

Yay! I finally posted all the stuff I planned on :D

On another non-picture related note, I was thinking about changing the blog name. I guess it would mess up anyone who regularly comes to blog...I wonder if it links to a new name? Mainly because my younger self messed up the spelling (haha) and I guess it doesn't represent the blog or myself very much.
soo...I will most probably change it to in the near future :) explanation will come with the change...

that's it! have a fantastic day! :) -ماریہ

PS. the heart tree no longer exists since the leaves fell :( but I guess the leaves and then the snow will be a prettiful enough sight for now :) and maybe it'll reappear in the spring? :D


  1. Wow, you definitely have won the "Random-est Blog Post Award"!

    Your sister is great with color combination; I love how your scarf and dress look.

    Oh, and I love your Pakistan flag nail art. So cute!

    PS: If you open the new blog, you'll have to leave a link for that in this blog.

  2. haha :D if i posted more regularly I might actually have on one topic posts :D

    thanks! :)

    The way blogger works is if I change my blog name it will just show lavendarclouds as a nonexistent blog, because I'm not changing domains or blogs, I would be just changing the name. I don't think there is a way to link it :(