Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hell-ooo! :)

So I was going through a bunch of social networks (Twitter, Facebook...well that's two but oh well :P) and I was like...hmm I haven't posted forever!! So...I'm going to post!

The New Year is only...5 days away!!! My bday was 2 days ago, and it was fun! I went to Panera Bread with my sis and my best friend. I don't know how many places have Panera Bread, but it is an AMAZING place! 
I've loved everything I've eaten from there...bagels, Mediterranean Veggie, frozen mango drink, frozen chocolate mocha! :) When we went the other day, they didn't have the proper bread for the mEditerranean Veggie (tomato basil is what it's called i think) and we got wheat bread instead which wasn't very good :( but it still had fun! 

I don't know how appetizing it looks- but this is an AMAZING sandwich in my opinion :P lol
Then we went to Bath and Body works to get some gifts for my amigas who were coming the next day (Christmas! :P) and then Charlotte Russe which I loooove. Since it's winter break me & my sis have been going a lot's break! haha last time I went I got pink crochet hat which is soooo cute!
This looks awesome alone and with hijaab! It cost $5 at that time...on a sale :P
I actually got the idea from HijabTrendz who once had a post with a picture of the writer with a crochet hat and hijaab here...I don't post pictures of myself or else I would show you it in action :P lol.
I also bought some churiyah (bangles) for $4 (2 for $8 deal) ...I love Charlotte Russe sales! :D

On the topic of Hijaab Styling...earlier this year (summer) I watched a TON of hijaab styling videos! But when i got around to trying them they didn't look so good on me..but i think layering works! :) It's fun to mess with two scarfs at once...I did this style once with my school colors where I swirled up the two colors and rolled them around my bun. It looks liked this:
hehe i love my room colors showing up in pictures :)
I could probably take a picture like that with my pink hat...I'll get to that one day.
(Btw I got a laptop for next school year so I might post more picturey-fun posts :)

One last thing...Merry Christmas! I know this blog is international and all but i recently read something where someone was sooooo offended that somebody didn't wish Merry Christmas on Christmas and talked about other stuff (a Muslim person) and the person thought Facebook was like an American thing so it was taboo to say anything else on that day (*sigh*).

Also...Happy Belated Birthday to Muhaamad Ali Jinnah, aka Qaid-e-Azam, founder of Pakistan. :)

Thank you for reading!! :)

-LavendarClouds (Maria)

:) Today's message :)

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