Monday, December 27, 2010

Hat with Hijaab :)

So I took a pic with my hat and hijaab! :) hehe
hehe the smile is weird. :) but you can see the purple scarf with pink hat! and the scarf my neighbor's fam gave for my bday
So these days I look like a complete winter wonderland person when i got outside :P hat, gloves, scarf! But I want some boots...which my dad & sis say are pointless and will be too warm for school. Maybe...slippers?

idk if these look good... hehe

 Okay that's it for today! :) I did some more shopping. Hmm...i'll show pics! I got a grey cardigan from was $15 (which i think is pretty inexpensive for a cardigan) and i liked it because it was lightweight and flowy....and full sleeved! it's a good cover up for namaz, etc. (i couldn't get a picture of it...)
I also got a waterbottle! heehee i drink NO WATER whatsoever so i needed a water bottle (which will likely convince me to drink more water :P) 
I like that it's small (19oz), and has plenty of possiblies- open mouth, little hole to drink, and handle! lol
That's it! I really don't know if you guys like shopping posts...(my few dear readers :P) so i'll try to change it up next time!



  1. Love the hat + hijab combo! And the color suits your skin's bright yellow tone perfectly ;)

    I love shopping posts. I don't have any shopping posts on my blog, but I love reading what others are buying :D

  2. Thank you! Hehehe when I bought this I was wearing a yellow scarf, and yellow & pink went well then too! Hehe (maybe simpsons characters should try pink hats? :p)

    Really? Well whenever I do more shopping I'll post about it :) I've been doing a lot of shopping recently because it's break...and ive been going out a lot with my sis! Hehe later this week I'll post a shopping/review of some bath & body works things I bought...I suppose that's a USA shop too :|

    Thank you for letting me know though! :) haha I talk so much :p

  3. "maybe simpsons characters should try pink hats" LOOOOL :D

    Looking forward to more girly, shopping posts!