Saturday, November 6, 2010

Me lifo- enough answers to make a stranger a friend--hehe jk

I got a "personal quiz" from a blogger. I will link her soon :D so I filled it out (took forever :p) I hope u have fun reading it! I tag everyone reading it!!!

Describe your dream home... house, location and grounds?

Hmm...I love where I live now. Every where else has it's cons that I'm not used to (hurricanes by beautiful seasides, blizzards and heat waves anyone?) I mean...I truly love seeing all seasons- the warmth of summer and cold of winter...the colors of fall leaves and spring flowers :)) so yah...home sweet home. Lol

Swear words: Are you pro or con?

Con con con! I think swear words make you look so bad...your image and everything. It's just some words but...idk. I don't go past stupid which sounds bad when I overuse it :)) hehe

If you were a superhero, what special power would you have and why?

Hmm...I want to say be able to know what others are thinking but that's pretty useless...hehe. What about invisibility? Pretty cool. Reason: umm...I think maybe just to know all the inside stuff/back biting ppl might do. But that's pretty useless :D haha

Share one thing that you learned recently? is a solid and liquid? Hehe seriously past couple days been so busy don't remember learning anything! (plus all I've had is tests the past two days so not much learning in review...) oobleck was part of my science club booth at the festival I was volunteering at :)) hehe.

Thunderstorm arrives, power outage! How do you occupy your time?

iPod touches are life savers. Hehe. Like right now in this 2 hour drive between a family friend's house in another state to home sweet home :) I'm typing up my next blog post :D

What's your favorite comfort food, and why?

Comfort happy food? Hehe...CHOCOLATE! I'm a pure chocolate lover & it makes me H-A-P-P-Y! :))

What keeps you up at night?

;) stuff I can't mention. Quite stupid but reality...(my sister reads this soo...hehe)

Do you believe in the death penalty? Defend your answer.

If Islam is fine with it, then sure. It's something I hope to never deal with INSHALLAH.

Who is your best friend, and why?

I think my bestest friend is my sister. Not because she reads this...but...I have so many best friends who I love so much & have lots of fun with. BUT...none of them are anyone who I can tell EVERYTHING. I mean...I have amigas I complain about school with, ones I can goof off with, and ones I can talk about home with....but my sis is a one in all. She's the type of bff I can talk insults with (no need for compliments :) and when she has her own house I'm just walking in and grabbing food from the refrigerator :)

Could you live without the internet for a month?

Then take away school for a month, friendly communication; my iPod (OH NO! heehee), ummm...Its surely POSSIBLE...but in this day & age it's linked to pretty much everything in daily life...

The world would be a better place if we could just...

Respect our differences and get along. (that was mEaNt to be cliché brain doesn't need to think up any cool message right now)

What's the best advice you ever received?

I actually heard a really good 1 recently...but I forget :))

If you could go back and relive one day of your life, which one would it be? And why?

Certainly not a day :) good or bad...

What part of life confuses you the most?

Eternity (not really part of life it?)

Describe your dream vacation.

A Muslim-friendly beach :) and plenty of countries...Spain dublin London Australia islands states much more :)

10 Years From Now, What Do You Hope Your Life Will Be Like?

Umm..10+my age= __... Okey dokey. In medical school I believe...:D
(*later I add- and happily married would be nice*)

When was the last time that you thanked someone?

Umm...couple hours ago? I said thanks to my amiga's mom for
Her yummylicious food!!! :)) her fish byrani rocked! :)) lol I say thank you a ton...nice city ppl hold doors and stuff so lots of opportunity. :)) I just need to get out of my habit of saying "no problem" when people say thank you to me :)

If you had unlimited resources what would you create?

Dude (lol) I'm not an engineer...I don't all......hehe. I'm sure I could come up with something in a less tired state =b umm...a cure for cancer? :)) I like medical stuff :) again with the cliché...I know i know

What do you like most about your job? (Or studies, etc.)

Amigas :D

You're in charge today. You make the rules.

Like president? Gosh this questionnaire needs some good brain power :) I would get a good advisory team because it cant be all on me or all my fault :)

Could you live without a car for a year?

You mean not drive? Well I don't drive yet. Or without any use of car at all? Nope...not in this town where nearest grocery is like 2 miles away :)

Which animal makes the best pets?

anything small and cute is the best pet. (<- from previous person's answer...but I agree!)

***home now! Will finish later....*

You're opening up a cafe. What songs do you have playing for your customers?

Oh some soothing instrumental thing :p

What TV show's reruns will you still watch no matter how many times you've seen them?

Arthur :p hehehe

In the seemingly endless war between vampires and werewolves, whose side are you on?

Twilight? Gag :O hehe

When's it okay to quit?

When you've given all u've got or u stop caring...

Which movies deserve to win Oscars this year?

Haven't seen real films this yr...cartoon wise Toy Story 3 rocked! Oh & Blind Side was 2009 but loooved it!

What gets better with age?

Sense? :)

You're gathering signatures for a petition - what's your cause?


Share three good things about your life right now.

Hmmm, my family :) friends, room, iPod, hair (haha just got it cut super short), much more...oh Fall Break!

What's the best way to listen to music?

when doing something else along with it...=) AND when it's blasting in ur car as ur ride/drive

What's something you wish you'd learned to do earlier in life?

I'm "young" I learn as I go. But that's every1 I suppose :p

Name three words you would use to describe your family.

Umm... family differs on each person :D

Are you a leader or a follower?

Leader alll theeee waaaay!

What type of person are you: a night owl or early bird?

Night owl!!! I Looove to stay up late, talk, laugh, :)) it's NICE to wake up early but I never do!

Happy birthday! What's your special drink, meal or dessert?

Chocolate! Cake milkshake whatever! Hehe :)

Researchers have been debating this for ages, but what do you think: nature or nurture?

Nurture :)) I suppose...

Explain what makes you jealous.

Nothin really...I [should] and am grateful 4 a ton of things I have :)

What do you miss?

My mommy when she leaves :( but she'll be back in 1 month!

You've been the leader of your country for a year – what are your accomplishments?

Prices are adequate, people have job/education, poverty is being taken care of...

Share how you treat a headache.

Hehehe...yah I tried taking medicine & got a flu in return. :))

What are your favorite pairs of shoes?

:)) several high heals, my lavender croc-type shoes, :)

Would you rather see or be seen?


In what field do you consider yourself to be an expert?

:) smiling! Hehe & smiling!!

You've got to get rid of three things from your house – what do you toss?

Idk...I like my house the way it is. Oh the random computer table in my room :))
*by the time I finish this the table is gonne!*

What can't you say 'no' to?

Chocolate :)

What's going to be different this year?

Myself :)

Which would you rather live across the street from?

Walmart :p Mcdonalds/Steak n Shake/Chickfila... :)
*so I can get chocolate, ice cream, etc whenever I want! Hehe

What's the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for you?

Idk...held the door for me?

It's never too late to start a new beginning. What job would you pick if you had to start over?

I'd still be in school =)

Share a pick-up line you've heard that you really liked. Or share one you tried that was successful.

pick up linee???

Would you describe yourself as spiritual, religious or something else?

I am a Muslim & thats what i try to be

How long is too long to go without a shower?

Hahahahaha (inside joke :p)

List your favorite alternatives to saying 'no.'
More like alternative to saying yes: a smile! No: thankyou!

Whose side are you on, anyway?

?????? Oh the vibrant fun people :) happy people! Not party-ers...well....umm...what am I saying?

What's the happiest life change you've had so far?

An ipod!

What are you proud of?

Nothing..maybe......good grades?

List the events you'd like to see added to the next Olympic Games.

Cricket? Idk....

List the advice you give to a friend getting over a bad breakup.

Lol my friend told me to tell her "he wasn't good enough for u!"

If you had to wear one color for the entire next year, which would you pick? or white...or YELLOW! ☼

What's your favorite season?

Spring winter & fall :)) i love seasons!

You just found a kitten – what do you name it?

"i would be so busy admiring its beauty to think of a name."

What's a bigger enemy to a clean home: a puppy or a baby?

A puppy? I love babies!

Have you ever seen a ghost?

Nooooooo! On tv on that "Wo Kya Hai" show though...which I hate!

What helps you wake up in the morning?
Adequate sleep!

You just got a magic tree! What does it grow?
Money! Haha I love my cliche answers!

You get to start a charity. What is it?

Teach children/education :)

Who can you trust with your secrets?

Do I have secrets? My Sis...99% of the time

Describe a time you were scared.

Lol I get scared when I'm alone & I hear scary sounds. & I'm scared of Pakistan's halaat right now...

What's the best part about a wedding?

When people are happy and enjoying themselves!

Which piece of technology would you rather go without for a month?


What's the best way to get someone's attention?

Depends on the person!

They say the clothes make the man (or woman). What do your clothes say about you right now?

Well they r clean & ironed and kameez shalwar so simple Pakistani :)

You've just won a dream vacation for four! Who are your three companions?

Only 3!?! My Sis, parents, and we'll win another prize to add-on my bros and Sis in law- every1 should go! (lol 4 now)

What specialized rooms does your new multi-million dollar yacht have?

i would not buy a yacht that cost millions...please :p

You've just won a lifetime supply of candy! Which type do you pick?

Chocolate!!!!!!! Probably dove/ ferror roche/ or landor! Hearshey almond too! Oh & some sour patch watermelon & Any other chewy halaal thing!

Do you think alien life will be discovered within your lifetime?


What non-exercise activity do you wish would keep you fit?

Being on my ipod!

If you could get any tattoo for just a week, what would it be?

I would never get a true tattoo! But like mehendi-- awesome!! Any pretty design by my sis!

What continent would you most like to visit?

Europe or Asia

Where do you fall in your family's birth order?


What do you usually want to know about someone when meeting them for the first time?

It depends. When u r w/ some1 for any period of time u learn stuff about them by their body language, tones, etc.

Name three songs by the same artist that you'd recommend to someone who's never heard them.

Um...All of Shiraz Uppals songs r pretty good :) & not same artists, but drama OSTs are normally very good!

Which day of the week do you look forward to most?

Weekend :))

You just sold your company for $100 million. What's the first thing you do?

I would never own a company- any heritable thing I would just save :p

If you had to lose one of your senses for a year, which one would it be?

We had to do an English essay about this 1!! :p (but we had to choose between touch/sight/hearing) between all five, I say smell! :))
I suppose it's best :)

Go ahead, get a secret off your chest.

Didn't I mention this b4? I dont think I have any humongous secret as of now...

The jig is up – you just got one year in jail. You get to bring three things with you to jail. What are they?

What jig? :p

My iPod
Sister :D hehe

What is your first memory?
Umm...2 many "memories" formed by ppl telling me :p I suppose 1st actual is preschool in Brooklyn & subway & candy shop below apartment & mr.rodgers :) (the cartoon)

When is it hard to apologize?

When u were actually wrong or you weren't at all :)

Money is the root of all evil – true or false?


Which could you spend a whole week in: a treehouse, a tent or an underground bunker?

Treehouse!!! Idk y sounds cool. And Nadia from Purple Journal stayed in 1 in India & it was super cool!

What makes someone funny to you?

Umm...if they make me laugh :p

If you could invite any three people in history to a dinner party, who would you pick?

It's always been very hard for me to choose "my role model from history"....but I think my aunt (phopho) who passed away last year was....very sweet. And Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) because...well because of several reasons.

What's something you can’t understand no matter how hard you try?


Oh boy, you have invisible powers! Where's the first place you go?

Hahaha. White house? Idk...

What are you saving up to buy?

Though I would like to buy an iTunes gift card.... :p

If your life were made into a movie, what genre would it be?

Comedy :p hehehe. Me & my & my thoughts...Hehehe. Take out all The boring parts that is :D

That's it! :) hope u had fun reading it.
Please do it too and let me know...I want to read about you!


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