Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ramadan Mubarak! :)

Assalam walaikum!
Ramadan Mubarak to all of you! I hope your first fast(s) are going amazingly.

I'm actually blogging right now bcuz I love typing with somewhat long nails and pretty nailpolish on :p so i'm like enjoying the fun of it while i can. Heehee. If my idevice had a camera i would take a pic of my sparkly red nailpolish but sadly it doesn't :( hehe. freshman orientation is FRIDAY! Wohoo! It's from 8-1...and sehri is @ I shall get some 1.5 hours of sleep in between...maybe? :) hehe. When school comes ill get like 1/2 hr of sleep. :)) isn't that lovely?

What else is up? Well the new Ramadan drama on hum (Chand pe dastak I think it's called) is nice...and I wish Geo shows "Doli ki Ayegee Baraat" soon! (did you guys watch Azhir Ki ayegee Baraat last year? It was an hilarious drama!) apparently it's already started in Pakistan...I await it coming here. (eid would be good...not much tv watching in Ramadan)

So roza here in my town are from 5:30 to 8:45 *ish* the first couple days. So a 15 hour fast? It's not too bad if you're inside in the air conditioning. Today me n my parents went iftaari shopping and it was SO HOT OUTSIDE!!! hehe I'm kindda a bad girl. See, I don't drink a lot of water normally which is REALLY BAD! But...when I think about improving my water drinking habits I think...well if i get used to drinking so much water I'll have trouble during Ramadan. :( bad bad girl 2011 resolution is to drink more than 0-half a glass of water a day. :-O :)

In our family, we don't eat FOOD in ramadan. Hehe. Well what i consider "food" or "real food" is roti, salan, chawwal, etc (tortilla, gravy, rice, etc.- traditional Pakistan foods). In Ramadan we do eat proper breakfasts, but iftaari is stuff like Fruit chaat (salad), somoseh, pokorey, choley (spicy chick peas), dhai baray (yogurt+pokorey sorta) and sherbet (jam-e-sherin!!!) fun very filling foods! :) it's kindda part of the "fun" of Ramadan :p we don't really eat these foods anytime else in the whole yr (even though somoseh rock!) yah....

So, how do you guys celebrate Ramadan? I know some families do actually eat "real" foods after fast! :)

Ooh...and we always go to tarawi at our mosque! I love going to's a nice tradition. And on the 27th a bunch of p come and bring sweets and after tarawi is finished we eat sweets! Yay! Hehe.

Okay enough for now!
Have a fantastic day,


  1. haha. i like that you like to type with nail polish on. i do too! lol
    i fast with "real food" at iftar
    you drink less than half a glass a day
    bad girl bad girl

  2. Ramadan mubarak!!!

    Samosey totally rock! We consume greasy, fried food for iftar, fruit chat and rooh afza. It's a tradition that can't be changed :D But I don't eat dinner after wards.

  3. @menna- hehe. I know I'm a horrible girl and I have no idea how i survive with such less water!

  4. @Nadia- Khair Mubarak! Hehe it's a fun tradition at that. I remember a tweet in the beginning of Ramadan said, "Oh, it's Ramadan time. Let me get ready to gain weight" :p My sis did try 'simmering' (on fry pan) the rolls the other day and they didn't turn out bad....but well we only eat so much fried stuff one month the whole year!

    I've noticed after tarawi if I'm hungry I'll just eat iftaari leftovers. :)

    Oh and roohafza! I have no idea why my family prefers jam-e-sherin...I can't the difference between the two. :D