Sunday, November 1, 2009

such a bad blogger!

No, nothing happened. Life is [fortunately] very normal.
I mean my social studies teacher did say Jihad and Terrorists in the same sentence- and i was so very mad-but i suppose that's normal??? idk...i mean it's the first time and so it's not normal.
Nvm- I'm over it until he says something else. :P

I'm recording Video Cd's on my dad's computer so my mom can listen to them in her car. This is VERY boring cause each track is 30 min. long!!!!!
well i hope Specs has a lovely and happy marriage-Liya finds her apple (MaYbE :P)-UltaSeedha: it's really sad what is going on in pk...that's another reason y the jihad thing made me mad- and Alisha keep cooking!
that was because i haven't done ANY blogging 4 like ever.





  1. Lavendar I did your tag at last! :-D Btw the cooking has been stopped temporarily since my Mum is here. ;-D

  2. P.s. your pictures [on the right] are really good!

  3. oh thank you so much! My sis is all into photography and i tried my hand at it some too! :)

    great about the tag! yeah- my cooking is not regular at all. i think i'll finally make a boxed cheese cake b4 it expires!