Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fort Hood

I don't know how famous this got world wide- but if your in America you know for sure: Last week Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan killed 7 and wounded 13. (or #'s close to that)
Name seem familiar? Yep, he was a muslim. Supposdly scared of being deployed to Iraq/somewhere-like-that. 
Also supposdly- he said "ALLAH AKBER" while shooting.
And while we cry out loud so much to say that Muslims ARE NOT all terroists. That no where in our religion is killing the way to go. Neither is JIHAD have anything to do with the war. But then we get people like this. How can you stop people from coming up with stuff like this, when the guy acted so religious, was an active part of his local mosque, and talked about Islam all the time during his job? 
This article from the link (above), is written by some Canada guy named Salim Mansur. His name sounds very Muslim to me too but lets not look at that right now. He said...
" mistaking that Nidal Hasan went out as an Islamist warrior to kill as many infidels before he found his martyrdom. "
 "...Islamist terrorism is not an alien off-shoot within Muslim history. It is instead a mutation of a violent strain of Muslim religious thought and practice that might be traced back to the earliest years of Islam. "
"...For Islamists, religion is politics and national identity and the purpose of their jihad until victory or death is to establish in the here and now Islamic rule associated with Muhammad and his companions in the first. "
to end off with...
"...Nidal Hasan acted on his Islamist belief as did the 19 Arab-Muslim terrorists on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001. He should be considered a war criminal and not a tragic victim of some mental illness and what he did was treason against his country.."

Any muslim reading this right now should be in a fit of rage.
so we have people like Organica who do random nice deeds so this type of sterotype won't be made-
but what the whole world reads and hears is what the man above stated.

Oh, btw- this article is the 1st result from google when you search, "Fort Hood".

Please work to stop this steroptype- show the world that this isn't what Islam is about. 


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