Sunday, November 8, 2009

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Hi! ☺ Like my symbols? I 'discovered' them the other day. (I'll give the codes at the end of this post- it only works if your laptop/computer has a numeric keypad)

Anyhow...have you read Alisha's Allhamdulillah List? I found it very inspiring!!!! Lovely post, Alisha!!!

This Saturday I asked my sis if we can go to the mall (nearby) cause i didn't have much to do.
So we went- it was fun. I like to hang out with my sis- esp. at that Mall. We spent a bunch of time in Sephora, since my sis wants a new mascara. :) We found a mirror that made us both look very pretty. We REALLY wanted to take it home- what's better than a mirror that always uplifts ur self esteem? heehee. 
Then we went to this other beauty shop for a couple minutes, and then to Panera Bread. I convinced my sis because i love the Med. Veggie and [raspberry] mango shake there! Plus it's more fun. She was not interested in spending $$$ but what-ever. :P Oh, btw- if u've never been to Panera Bread and had the Med. Veggie ur missing out on a TON of goodness. :)'s doce y uno. More like medianoche (midnight in spanish). Maybe I should sleep?



Here's the codes. (remember- only works if u have a numeric keypad)

alt + 1 =
alt + 2 =
alt + 3 =
alt + 12 =
alt + 13 =
alt + 14 =
alt + 15 =
alt + 19 =
alt + 0161 = ¡
alt + 1456 =

**Those were just some that i found interesting. If you explore- there are codes for the whole alphabet (in lowercase and uppercase) money symbols, and more. Just hit random numbers! :P ***

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