Friday, November 29, 2013

"Best Tag Ever"

Hey-lo! :) The past month-ish has been basically school, college/scholarship applications, nephews, aaand recently watching YouTube vloggers (video bloggers- quite fun actually). So I was watching some random other vlogger who did this "Best Tag Ever" and it was quite entertaining so I thought I'd blog it and break all the rules because....yeah. :)

(warning: it's kindda a wacky crazy what-why-is-it-asking tag)


  • Favorite toe?
    • ooh this is easy. I have an extra toe (no really, I do). As far as I know it's like heredity-genetically traced thing because my aunts/grandma had like a lower 4th toe and so I guess it just mutated the mutation for me and just got an extra toe. but yeah, surely my favorite one. no offense other toes 
  • Innie or outtie?
    • I thinkkk this refers to like belly buttons which is innie (random) but if I wanted to like skew this in theory I like being outside and breathing fresh air and all that loveliness but I think in reality I don't do a lot of that. Mainly since in a live in a small town, it's cold 1/2 the year, my school is one building, and we drive everywhere (literally). So let's go LIFE CHANGE a year from now when i will be walking to all my classes blocks away in college (aka university people out of USA). I should get a new coat by then.
  • Third favorite flavor?
    • uhhhhhh so I like chocolate, watermelon, and....and....and... uh... let me answer the other questions and get back to this one.
  • Favorite tree?
    • APPLE TREES. just kidding that's more like "what's the first type of tree that pops in your head?". So in our district all the elementary schools are tree names (i don't really know...) and I remember liking evergreens when I was in elementary school because my school was an evergreen tree name. But NOW I like any tree that changes colors in the fall because it's BEAUTIFULLLLLL. Random side story, the drive to my 'dream' college is full of trees and it's beautiful in the summer/fall so yay more reasons to like it
      exhibit A :)
  • Which eyebrow do you prefer?
    • creativity running Let's go with right because right > left, right? :)
  • Toilet paper or hand?
    • So the video I watched who did this tag did this like interesting perception of this of like...doing everything in your daily life? Hand of course. Sorry for the weird questions :p
  • What was your first impression of yourself?
    • WHEN DOES SHE STOP TALKING? haha (I think every year the speed and quantity of my talking decreases at a constant rate, so this is first impression ONLY. and if this is true, will I stop talking at like age 100? no.)
  • How many?
    • Three. Three family members eating food right now (actually my brother is drinking coffee). Three screens in front of my face right now (TV some random Hum drama, computadora, and ipod-y). Three programs open (see picture below. I don't know why OneNote is open on a NO SCHOOL DAY [woot!] so let me go close that now). Three cushions in our couches (where did the rest of them go?!).
  • Death or not?
    • So like I despise bugs...okay not really but they creep me out a lot and I cannot stand them and I know they can't really harm me at all but I am like a true teenager when it comes to bugs. But I also cannot kill them 97.65% of them time (YAY SIBLINGS TO THE RESCUE). there was like a period of like 8ish months where all my siblings were not constantly here and my parents were like "grow up" so I had to fend for myself with bugs. Which I still do really but occasionally my sister will kill spiders for me because <3
  • Which person have you not met?
    • Our new neighbor, who seems really nice so far! The house to the left of my house has had like 8 different people live in it in the 11 years we've been there (in contrast, house on the right, only one super-nice-awesome family). So interested to see who these people are!
  • Salad?
    • YES. Panera Greek Salad. Homemade cut-up salad with tomatoes croutons cucumbers and carrots. But for a while those packaged salad things were creepy because there was a news report about a frog inside one lady's package and that's gross but I can't stop life over crazy news stories, right?
  • Name all six presidents?
    • Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Adams! This is perfect because last year I took a US history class that has an end of the year national exam (out of US people, this isn't normal practice in US. But you can take these "Advanced Placement" aka AP classes that have exams in May that millions worldwide/nationally take and it's supposed to be college level and yada yada) so our teacher told us we should probably know all the US presidents in order and time period and so I TRIED, I really did TRY and I tried to memorize this song  and was only able to get the first six down. I mean, I know plenty of others, but this was the only part of the song i got down. 
  • Which color do you prefer? Black or white?
    • White Iphone. That i really want. I think I've been saying this since the iphone 4 came out and I should just like really make some sort of actual movement towards buying one before college at least
  • How many haters?
    • 2.135. Haha this is why this is a famous-youtube-vloggers-tag and not random-weird-teenager-unknown-person-tag. :p
  • Scale from 1 to 10 where are you?
    • like a 7.56. I realized that I made a to-do list yesterday night of all the things I wanted to accomplish today and I don't think I accomplished a single one of those things But i'm not too sad because I still have 1.5 hours until this day ends so maybe I'll accomplish something before sleeping! :D

Hope this was relatively comprehensible. I always say, no school vacations = brain doesn't function. (which is why i plan to be in school for a very, very long time :p).  

Happy Thanksgiving to all those celebrate, Happy Black Friday and Happy Small Business Saturday and Happy Sunday and Happy Cyber Monday and Happy Tuesday! :) 


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