Sunday, October 20, 2013

Life in Pictures (and captions)

Studying motivation! Which epically failed since i started sending emails instead of reading....

Weekend omelete with onions, tomatoes, dhanya (coriander), and tons of spices! This type of peaceful, yummy breakfast and some Pakistani drama mornings are things I'd probably miss in college a bit :)

Kind of a big thing right now-- applying for colleges! Getting constant email and postcards (and sometimes really fancy booklets) and I really need to apply for scholarships this next week! This was my first acceptance too :) (Well, I only applied two places, but it's still exciting to get accepted to a school, even if the whole world is getting accepted there :p)
In the school parking lot with a beeeautiful sky :) Little things 

Studying Econ with my great-great relatives (not really :p) on KhanAcademy and eating my current favorite snack-- Cocoa Puffs!

I've done 2 mehendi/henna fundraisers in the past through months. These type of designs (or love within the infinity sign) are always SUPER popular. Maybe I should do a post in the future with all the random designs we had. (oh yeah, we were totally doodling on napkins :p haha)

Eid ul-Fitr mehendi! I have started a new "tradition" of doing my henna like the DAY of Eid instead of the day before...haha we'll see where college leaves mehendi doing

Ramadan calendar! We always get mailed these iftaari calendars from the local mosque/masjid, and I always highlight each day when it's over (so it's easier to read). The past few years I've started making a color pattern and making it all pretty!

New school year binders! (yeah these pictures are in no particular order) I'm all about color-coordinating. But that teal and green get confusing sometimes...
At my list high school Homecoming game, I may or may not have spent $11 on Dippin' Dots :p haha but these things are sooo good! :) We won the game and it was a fun time with friends. One of the many "lasts" of this year 



  1. First, let me tell you (and you probably hear this a LOT) that you are so talented with mehndi designing, masha'Allah!

    I love how you gave us a colorful glimpse into your current life.

    I've never tried Dippin' Dots. What is it exactly?

    1. Aww thank you! :)

      Amazingness! ;) haha, it's basically circles of ice cream. Wikipedia says it's " flash freezing ice cream mix in liquid nitrogen" which I guess creates little balls! It tastes pretty good but the structure is really why it's so fun to eat :)