Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Top 5 Daily Use Apps

When I first got an iPod touch 3.5 years ago, I watched TONS of unboxing and app videos beforehand. Thus, upon the buying of the device, I was prepared with lists of what apps to download. Now, it's really hard to come across a useful list since I have a pretty good stack of regular apps that I use. But for newcomers to the smartphone world, this list of apps that I use on a regular basis may help!

*Sidenote- social networks are big for me, but I may do posts in the future that are centered around things like games, organization, camera, etc.*

*Sidenote #2 - the following are in no particular order*

1) Facebook/Facebook Messenger
Price: Free
Pros: It's the only decent Facebook app available. As far as messenger goes, FB messenger is probably the most universal messaging app, across all phones, and most people have an FB. Very fast, can share pictures/emojis/voice clips, and has desktop version obviously.
Cons: The main app is terrible - crashes, takes forever to load things, shows like half of your news feed, is super slow. Messenger cons- no video sharing
Other Notes: This is more of a necessity app than a good app. Like most people nowadays, I do 'surf' FB a lot (for various uses, school and personal) and this honestly is the only usable FB app. I've tried things like "Facely HD" and others, but this tends to work like 7 out of 10 times. Messenger, on the other hand, is pretty flawless and works wonderfully.

2) Twitter
Price: Free
Pros: Works super well, constantly improving with updates, easy to use
Cons: Recently gives me trouble while tweeting, but that may be an old device issue and not necessarily an app issue. Also logs me out ALL the time....very annoying
Other Notes: Again, a social networking app. I enjoy twitter for the little tidbits, even though people's complaining and live tweets can get annoying. The app does its job well though, for the most part.

3) Instagram
Price: Free
Pros: Works wonderfully
Cons: None?
Other Notes: Being a social network that started on smartphones probably helps this app be pretty flawless. I find this to be one of the most positive social networks and is surely used on a daily basis by me.

4) Feedly
Price: Free
Pros: Really pretty, fast, simple to use RSS reader
Cons: Logs you out sometimes = annoying
Other Notes: I used to use RssRunner (which is releasing a new app in July called Newsvibes) and switched to this recently. I think theyre focusing on their desktop version right now, which is annoying in a way, but having a desktop/Chrome app is NICE. It's pretty, has nice gestures and such, and makes reading 57 subscriptions easy

5) PicCal
Price: Lite: Free, Pro: $0.99
Pros: This is a photo-memory type of app, where you put a picture with a message (and optional tags) for every single day. They have updated it over the years to make it nicer and it makes for a really nice memory app. I would surely suggest it for someone as a memorable thing to look back at every now and then.
Con: There really is no proper backup for this, and unlike some other apps, there's not a website. I wish i could print a book from a year's worth of pictures, but that option is surely not possible right now. The app has potential which isn't being used, sadly.
Other Notes: If you like the idea but not the app, there's several on the market with the same function -- Photo-365, 365photos, etc. or you can just take a picture every day and upload it somewhere with the caption.

Those are my top 5 most used apps! Which apps do you regularly use? :)

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