Thursday, December 22, 2011

Life in Pictures :)

Since the blogger app refuses to let me properly arrange pictures with text, I'll just use a numbering system! Yay!

1) Pink Tornado? :) Actually, it's a tritation lab we did in Chemistry. We used a magnetic stirrer (how cool is that? A little magnetic cylinder thing just turns and turns!). For those who took chemistry way too long ago, tritations are when the molarity of one liquid is equal to the molarity of the other. A...something I forget what it's. called (winter break!) changes the color of the solution when the solution reaches the equivalence point pH. So, this was originally clear, and turned pink! Yes...that's amazing. Maybe it's the science/math genes in my family.

2) new iPod case says: "manufactured in a facility that also produces smiles." I can't decide if that's cheesy or cute...haha

3) Newspaper staff secret Santa! For favorite candy day my secret Santa got me Ferrero Rocher, Dove, and Swedish fish. Needless to say, I was very happy.

4) That says Haley, or at least it symbolizes Haley :p A friend & I made a club called "South Asia Club" at our school, & in the past meeting one of the activities was writing your name in Urdu. My Urdu isn't that good, but shhh! Don't tell anyone! :) everyone was happy, so it's cool (the other activity was Ludu, and food, awesome right?)

5) Arthur! Winter break means free time and doing fun stuff like watching childhood cartoons! Arthur is an awesome cartoon, just saying.

6) Chai! That's called a heavily edited picture...but I was sick for a long time & hot, freshly made Chai is an awesome cure! I fail at making chai normally...I think my mom made this one :)

That's it! Enough update after such a long time? :)


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