Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blog Wordle

Have you ever used
It's the website that produces all the cool little text things. I'll show you in a second. :)

So I did one by just putting in my blog URL...the words that came up are interesting :) has plenty of variations and cool colors/fonts/etc....but no saving option :( so you have to screenshot it which is why there is "print..." button on the side.

Anyhow, on here the bigger the word is the more it's used. I HELLO! is pretty obvious :) hehe. SAT? Okay i'm not so sure about this used often!:) hehe NaBloPoMo..
My favorite on here: hehe :D yes that's overused.
Some small ones that stand out: school, woohoo, Ah-mazing, kindda, bored, went, crazy :) (The fact that went-crazy are right next to each other and the same color is funny)

I "tag" my readers to make a wordle of their blog and see what comes up. Post it if it's interesting! :D


  1. Look at the size of the word, nail polish! LOL

    I tried with my url, but it seems to be picking up words off from the first couple of posts.

  2. LOL :) I think it's the biggest word there!!

    :( that's what I thought mine was doing but it has NaBloPoMo which was forever ago. It's kind of a weird website :D

  3. hey :) i recently found your blog- it's cool!! btw, i made a wordle of my blog. I hope you check it out :)


  4. Welcome Fida!!
    Thanks, I will surely check ur blog out!

  5. Nice idea...I'll give it a try as well. Btw your blog looks really attractive and colourful now. :-)